Downsizing my system from tubes to an integrated

I've recently parted with my EL84 based SET system and in the interim have been using a very nicely reconditioned Mac C28 that sounds way better than the original examples and a Hafler 500, again a very nice sounding 34 year old amp. I'm running EPOS M12i's for speakers and I expect to keep those. I'm also running a 2x8" in wall Paradigm sub just to fill out the bottom end.

About me, I'm a guy in his 40's who loves everything from Rush, The Who, Lee Ritenour, Herbie Hancock, to Tower of Power and a heck of a lot in between. When nobody is home I like to turn it up a bit. However my system is used in the at young family friendly volumes 98% of the time.

We recently moved. Our home is not that big. My speakers are well suited for the room. Ok so what...

The Mac and the Hafler are overkill. Within the confines of my current furniture the amp could have cooling problems as time goes on time will tell, it's only been a week and half. In a perfect world I'd like 1 or 2 more line inputs on my preamp and probably think I'm going to shelve the idea of separates for some years to come. So after all that my question to you the forum is... I'm looking for opinions on integrated amps.

The contenders with my unverified opinions so far are:

1. Creek Evolution 50a
Like the features of this unit. Seems like it may not be available in the US just yet. Concerned about 50WPC output.

2. Arcam A19 or A28
Not personally familiar with Arcam but have read a lot about them. The A28 has the power I'd like but the A19 is fits my budget better at least with new stock.

3. Marantanz PM8004
Lot's of good fanfare about this unit. Seems like the ideal amp for me. Gosh, I'd love to hear one before buying it.

4. Creek Evolution 2
Again like the features. I've heard this is not a great amp for Rock???

5. Peachtree Decco 65
Probably not enough inputs but both this and the Nova are nice looking amps. Also not sure about having a Class D amp, especially having gone from SET and currently using a big iron amp.

6. Used Krell KAV-300
Not many of these out there. Are there conclusions to be drawn from this? Like people don't let them go? Seems like a great Rock amp.

If there is something I've missed please suggest! Also if anybody is looking for a super clean Mac C28, message me!
your last choice should be your first.
Krell is a good choice.My brother has owned two for many years,they are well built and reliable.You can audition the Marantz from Music Direct,an excellent company to deal with.
The 400xi is a better integrated all around...the 300 was a bit murky sounding and flabby in the bass.
Not sure about your budget, but you should also consider the Hegel integrateds and Modwright KWI-200. Dan Wright is a gentleman and builds terrific gear with great attention to detail.
Some good suggestions thus far. Have the PM8004 sounds great and may give you the best bang for the buck.
pass int30a?
Like said, the Marantz PM8004 is highly considered and built in Japan alongside their Reference components and speaking of them, the PM 15S2b (which I own) has allowed me to get off the merry-go-round and simply enjoy the music. If you can swing it, you might be incredibly satisfied. Demos can be had for about 20% off (Music Direct is where I got mine from-great people to deal with and it comes with a 30 day trial period).

Good luck and enjoy your "downsizing" as you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

All the best,
I downsized earlier this year from a tube c-j Premier system: 16LS2 preamp and 140 power amp with Teflon caps. Bought a c-j CA200 and couldn't be happier. Perhaps a lucky number 7 on your list?
I almost purchased the PM8004 but ultimately went with a Rogue Sphinx hybrid integrated which sounded more involving to these ears. If you don't mind a very basic, volume-only remote control, I'd recommend adding it to your list.
Consider the brand Octave made in Germany.
These integrated amps plays all genre of music very well.
The PM8004 is crazy good for $999. You can sometimes pick up a factory refurb for less from They have a really low noise floor and a very neutral, linear, but musically involving presentation. They fly in the face of conventional wisdom in that (IME) they can power a $10K pair of speakers without betraying their price point.

Another one to consider may be the Onkyo A-9070. The list price is $200 more but is probably more likely to be discounted and it sweetens the deal with a built-in 24/192 DAC.

I haven't heard this unit, but in another thread an HFC-er who'd heard the PM8004 liked the A-9070 better.
really pleased with my INT-150. Rega also has nice integrateds
If you plan on continued use of the subwoofer, you might consider tha Harmon Kardan HK 990 integrated. It includes bass management capabilities for seamless sub/main integration that IMHO are likely to be more beneficial than anything else distinguishing one choice from the next. I believe that NAD also has an integrated with bass management, so that might be worth looking into as well.

I'm selling my Wyred4Sound integrated soon. It's very transparent, holographic with tremendously deep bass.