Downsized and still happy, can it happen?

I would like to hear from those who have moved from separates to an integrated amp in their system and your experience in doing so. Any buyers remorse in selling the separates? Are you still running the integrated or now considering separates again? Do you still get the same level of satisfaction from the system? Which pre/power amp did you have and what integrated replaced them?

Lately I find myself constantly considering and researching high quality integrated amps and admiring them for the all in one solution. I have all these components, powercords, conditioners and interconnects that I could unload and then replace with fewer higher quality versions. That is pretty much what is driving me into this little sidebar consideration.
I bought the new Jeff Rowland integrated and couldn't be happier. I now quit thinking of upgrading all the time. Much less stress!
Maybe I'll move my Marantz SR19EX receiver (don't laugh, I love that thing) into the main rig for a few days to see what happens. Just a little flavor change and see how I react to the new sound...I've never A/B'ed it with the Pass Labs stuff :) If I switch to an integrated I'm not just looking for different, I want improvements over what I am hearing now.
Dude, I've been there done that and lived through it, and yes I am happy. I used to have VTL seperates, and switched to a Cary Sli-80 and loved it. The system is far simpler, as you pointed out and I get much more enjoyment out of it. Now, luckly I had speakers that allowed me to go to another amp very easily, 92db Coincident. The vtl was a VTL 150 and the Cary is only 80 max, but I listened to it in 40 watt triode most of the time.
You can do this if you take the time and find the right integrated for you. My big suggestion would be to make sure that you want tubes or SS before you choose.
I do not think one necessarily has to compromise when going to integrated amps these days (MAC 6900 and Levinson 383 are amazing integrateds). That said, let me offer you a slightly different perspective. I now have a DAC that also acts as my linestage. So, I have integrated a preamp and a DAC -- and I have a stand alone amp. This has worked out really nice for me.
I didn't have some of the exotic stuff mentioned here but
I am happy with less equipment and better sound. I switched from Rotel seperates and JM Lab speakers to an Audio Aero integrated and Soliloquy speakers. This downgrade cost less than half of the system that it replaced and sounds better. No regrets here.