Downside to "revealing" system?

Greetings, hope all are well. Since upgrading my rig over the years( ML 11a, REL s812s, VPI Prime Sig. Soundsmith The Voice cart, Pass xp25 phono, and Luxman L509X with Cardas cables and various powercords, plus S/R room treatments which have been unbelievable) many beloved older pressings have revealed themselves to be just about unlistenable. I'm speaking of, for example, 70s Reprise Neil Young, Randy Newman, Joni etc. Pressings are immaculate and cleaned on an Audio Desk cleaner and table is definitely set up properly. Newer " audiophile" pressings sound great. End result is I am listening to more cds since acquiring an Esoteric X01 D-2 which make even old cds sound great. I've always been a vinyl person and have over 4,000 records acquired over 30 years. I am thinking of getting a new cart next year and have heard great things about the Dyna XV-1s. ( input appreciated) Anyway, forgive the long post, I am actually grateful for a diversion from current events, stay well friends!
If Joni Mitchell's Blue sounds bad there is a problem. Since newer records sound ok none would have to surmise that something happened to your older records. Played with a bad stylus, stored incorrectly, played recurrent are all possibilities. Buy a new copy of one of your favorites. If it sounds a lot better than you had your answer and you will have to consider replacing the ones you really like.   
The better the system the better everything sounds including bad recordings. This excludes damaged records.
Most systems are not at a level to render all recordings as preferentially better.  That is why so many complain. If some recordings sound worse, you haven't built a good enough system, and or have made at least one major mistake building it. 

"Revealing " is never a problem in a superior system,  just as definition, clarity etc. Would you wish to hear less of the recording holistically? Then you are not seeking HiFi, but nostalgia or something else.

In use of ESL speakers in dozens of rigs, and in constant comparison to other genres, the particular system determines which speaker/genre is most revealing.  Many poorer systems are built out of mistaken belief that the genre is inherently more revealing. Not in use. 
Interesting discussion. Of the many, many thousands of records, clearly some are going to sound better than others. I agree that on a wonderful system, all sound better, but some still sound like s---. But, to me, the “ absolute sound” does not exist. Find a few examples of genres that please you and these can be your references in comparing system changes. But please realize that they, too, are imperfect, just pleasing to your subjective self. If you enjoy spending your listening time to being hypercritical, that is your choice, but I prefer to enjoy each for what they bring, some more than others. There are many great wines, and many great wines taste different than other great wines. Which is right? Maybe not a great analogy, but finding enjoyment in a $20 decent bottle makes life more pleasant than sitting and saying all that is wrong with them compared to a wonderful ‘82 Bordeaux.....just my thoughts....enjoy!
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@dannad....exactly...none is “absolute” or “correct” may seek what pleases you the most, but improving one recording may seem to worsen another, so, I think, chose your favorite “references”, and work with those....