Downloading music-suggestions

I'm interested in downloading music(legally)Can anyone recommend some legit websites. I'm also curious as to how virus free this process is? Are there any pay music sites that are safe and still offer a large library of music(current and old)? Thanks-krelldog

Apple iTunes is the king
I like Rhapsody because I can listen to the whole cd/album or a complete cut before I purchase. Also I can just listen to Rhapsody while on the computer. Here is a 14 day free trial:

Apple iTunes king? Hah! Surf on over to and get a load of *thousands* of FREE, LIVE, LEGAL downloadable music in both lossless and lossy formats.

Good old Napster. They turned legal. But I'd recomment Apple/Itunes site also.

Will let you download and listen to midi files free.

For twenty five dollars a year,you can download MP-3 files;you can record them as 44.1 WAV files,but they are still MP-3, with the compressed dynamic range problems that implies.

The upside is that the performances are good.

I use the virus/spam/pop-up blocker that my isp provides and have not had any problems with the archive sight at all.