Is downgrading the new upgrade ??
All the high-end uber expensive gear did not deliver as promised. People have wised up. Most of it was just a con.
Rrog makes a good statement. Landing on Mars is one on Mars is another.
as a committed cheapskate I rarely buy something unless it is below market value. this is true for all things, cars, houses, audio gear, lp's etc. This allows me to build on my savings so that my audio gear really cost very little compared to it's market value. In this I am sure I am not alone. S
o downgrading, down sizing etc is just cashing in my audio chips so to speak. But as already been stated- beware when the fever hits! slow down, think hard, sleep on it and talk to someone(unless it is such a deal and time is of the essence). then drive safely and pray you are the first one there...
...we all make good statements here and not only about donwgrading. educating mass that goes after advices of certain dealers to spend 5 figures for home audio can bring the prices of equipment down for all so that is of an importance to bring this kind of propaganda to the public through the forum and chat media as a matter of fact.
"Right-sizing" might be a more useful term to describe achieving ones goals, even lofty ones, with less.