Downgrading from Rega P5, what next?

I've got twins on the way in the spring, and have a 4 year old.. My current listening time of 2 hours a week will get cut down even further..

I currently run Rega P5 w/ TTPSU and DV 10x5. I've scaled back my entire rig and am using a Marantz PM8003 with its internal phono.

If I sell the Rega rig, what would be a good table to look at in the $3-500 range? I love the Rega soundstage so am looking for something comparable in that league. Project RM1.3 looks appealing, along with a Technics 1200.

Any thoughts? I'd be keeping the DV 10x5 for use in future rigs. Part of me says keep the rig, the other says downgrade to free up cash for the upcoming ski season :)
If you like the Rega, just move down in their line, it should still satisfy you.

Congrats on the new Monkeys!! Mine are finally old enough I was able to buy a turntable 2 yrs ago, without fear of it being trashed.
I recently purchased the RPM 1.3 and am very happy with it.It's the first turntable I've had in 30 years so I can't compare it to anything else.Get it from a dealer with a generous try out/return period and check it out in your system,you might be pleasantly suprised!!Good luck.
Don't sell anything.
I would guess that you want to downgrade to start upgrading later. Interesting idea. Why not?
I actually looked at a Project Debut III at best buy this afternoon. The III felt very cheap. I didn't listen to it so I can't really comment on it, but it made me realize that perhaps i should keep the Rega rig.

Im still looking at options, but don't have a dealer in my town with a wide assortment.
A used MMF-5 with that cart should be a killer set up.
What on earth makes you think you'll have time to ski?
Twins wont be here until march
Not knowing your entire set-up, maybe store your P5 for now and listen to CDs / digital downloads for now and in 2-3 years, put the P5 back into your system. The Rega P5 is a great TT and you would be loosing too much by selling it used or getting enough money for it to break even in buying something less capable.

If you won't have time to listen to the P5 why would you have time to listen to a "downgraded" TT?
I sold my p2 when my twins turned 2. I went down the Technics 1200 route. I think that the Technics is a bit more rugged than the Rega. There is also a decent number of people that offer upgrade paths. I currently have my power outboard and have an SME 309 arm on it. I've been thinking about trying out a Rega arm as well.

You might think about getting the 1200 and using your Rega arm in the interim. I've heard the 1200 with the RB700 and it's a great match.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Make sure your wife knows how to use the P5 so when your wife is at home crying over her bursting belly while you're off skiing, she can listen to some 'hurtin' music'.

I wouldn't sell the P-5. You will regret it. If you have downgraded your electronics that is enough. You wont be satisfied with the sound you get with the downgraded TT after using the P-5. Keep it, be happy. You can go sking another time. I know, pretty direct, but I have been down that path myself.....
If you can keep your P5, by all means do so, but if not, then the P2 is a very nice table for the money.
Get a good set of earphones and enjoy your music. I agree in not selling anything.
I don't get the sense of your original post at all. Why would you get rid of a nice Rega P5 just because you're going to have kids? And what is a cheaper turntable supposed to solve? If you sell the P5 you take a big hit on depreciation, and entry level turntables have gotten at least 20% more expensive in the last couple years, so there will be a much bigger gap in quality for the amount of money "saved."

If it's a matter of not playing the music because the babies are sleeping, then--like others said--get a nice headphone rig for your current system. But it makes no sense whatsoever to downgrade your turntable. After you get the babies to sleep and you need to relax, won't the P5 do a better job of that than a decidedly lower rez Debut III or P1?
I agree with Johnnyb53. Keep the P-5. Happy Listening, and my best wishes for health and happiness to your growing family.
Another vote for keep it.
Keep the P5 unless you're strapped for cash. I lost my listening room due to our first child being due any day now. My TT simply won't work out well in the living room, so it it's boxed up and stored until we move, hopefully in a year or two. If I needed the money, I'd have sold it.

By the time you sell the P5 and buy something like a P2, your profit margin is going to small, if not non-existent. Unless you're buying second hand. Only you know if you need the extra money or not. If it's not about raising money, keep it IMO.