Downgrading from JC-1's...which amp should I get?

Hello all,
Due to financial circumstances, I will probably be forced to sell my beloved Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amps in a few months.
Along with my JC-1's, I am presently using a Parasound PLD-2000 preamp, two pairs of Paradigm Reference Studio 100 version 2 loudspeakers wired in parallel, a Marantz SA8001 cd/sacd player, heavily modded Sony ES 400 disc dvd changer, LAT International speaker cables and interconnects.
I want a replacement used budget power amp that will not give up too much sonically from the JC-1 monoblocks, and be able to drive low impedances [2 ohms] with relative ease like the JC-1's do with no sweat.
I know that none of these amps that I am about to name will match the sonics or power output of the JC-1's, but I must compromise alittle to help my finances.
Out of the following amps, which would you most recommend to meet my requirements:
1. Parasound HCA-3500
2. Parasound A-21
3. Rotel RB-1090
4. Adcom GFA-5802
5. Krell KAV-400xi integrated.
6. Nad Masters Series M-3 integrated
7. Something else [please name].
Thanks so very much for your help!
If I were in your boots I'd look for an Innersound ESL 300. I own the JC-1s and also owned the ESL 300. It's a great amp and a powerhouse too, which is what you are going to want to stay with (a lot of power!) The only problem may be trying to find one in short order. If you can though I don't think you'll be dissapointed to much at about 1/3rd the price. Or another thought would be to sell your preamp and your amps and get a Plinius 9200. I've thought about doing the same thing to save some space.
Possibly, Threshold T-series.
Sell some plasma, sperm, blood or something else.....

Those choices you listed will not be anywhere near as refined as your JC-1's.

Sell one pair of speakers.. how/why are you running two pairs of speakers? just curious..
You should add the Sanders ESL stereo amplifier to your list, which is the successor to the Innersound amp Ejlif is recommending. Very pure mids and enough juice to drive most speakers.
Yoiu should be able to buy brand new Wyred4Sound amps in your new price range. I am using the SX500s on my Magnepan 3.5Rs
Also consider the Musical Fidelity A5 integrated. I also use Krell and CJ amps and this is a fine piece with power to spare.
H2O Signature 100 (stereo), $2,000, extremely powerful and drives 1 Ohm loads with no sweat.

Odyssey Monos, $2,295 and can be upgraded when funds reappear.
How about a Rev A modded McCormack amp? They're not far different from the JC-1 in sound and you pick one up used relatively inexpensively.

so many choices!
I don't know how I am going to pick one.
Thanks for your help.