These days, things are different in audio than they were 10 years ago. I stream pretty much everything I listen to, wirelessly, from my Mac to my PS audio DAC. My issue is this. I have a decent system, a quality integrated amplifier and a very nice pair of bookshelf speakers. Over the years, I got married, had two kids, and they filled my house with stuff. My system is jammed into the corner of the living room and never gets any real play time for critical listening. Pretty much all we play at this point is kids music stream Internet radio, or listen FM broadcast, casual stuff only.

I'm interested in downgrading and am looking for some feedback. I want something that the kids can touch from time to time as they get older and that my wife feels comfortable using. I'm looking at going to a desktop/counter top system. I have tow Tivoli Audio Model Ones. One is in our kitchen that gets used all day long, the other on my desk at work, and gets just as much play time. So an obvious choice for me to consider is the Tivoli Music System. My question is this. Should I be looking at something else? I thought about looking for a cheaper emotiva integrated and stay with my current speakers, but apparently they don't have one.

Any thoughts are welcome.
The meridian F80 is pretty cool. It sounds great and are a pretty good buy used. It has a digital input so you can hook it directly to the optical out of the Apple TV or airport express for really good wireless sound. The other choice that I highly recommend is the dynaudio wireless speakers these are awesome and pretty easy to live with. I got rid of a huge rack of gear in my bedroom and just have the xeo speakers now and couldn't be happier.
How about this one?
The cheapest real system i can imagine is a pair of computer self powered speakers with a Cd changer. That is it.
I have used this as a second system and it is fine.
AudioEngine speakers and a used CD changer for $80.
I'm looking for an all in one type setup. The meridian F80 is a good recommendation, I just wish they were a little less expensive.

I love the idea of the Tivoli Music System, but the reviews I've read indicate that it falls short on sound quality and is not quite the over acheiver that the Model One is. I may have to jump to the Meridian if I can't find anything else out there that intrigues me.
Audioengine self-powered speakers with a laptop would be pretty darn simple, and cheap (I think the A5s are 300ish, and there is often b-stock).

Other should comment, but I'd expect flexibility of speaker placement might result in better sound from freestanding speakers than from a single box.

Not sure you are going to find an integrated with good sound. Nakamichi used to make systems like that, but they are pretty much gone.

How about a PC or Mac, optinally a Dragonfly usb DAC and Audioengine powered speakers? You can even drive the speakers from the headphone jack if you are OK with the DAC in the PC/Mac. You can use iTunes or some other software. For streaming, the family could use Pandora or something like that. Also gives you Internet radio. More money that Elizabeth's solution, but also more flexible. Not an All in One but pretty compact. You could also use the Audioengine wireless connection if you want to locate the source in a different place.

For a more conventional system, the NAD 715 is a nice little CD/Radio integrated. Use with speakers of your choice. Maybe add an iPod dock or use a usb memory stick. Of course, all the volume players make a $300 system, of varying quality.

Good luck.
Teac make some very nice all in one mini systems. We use one in our home office.
Powered monitors. There is a plethora of them now of surprisingly good quality. Audioengine, Vanatoo, Aktimate plus others. Of course you can go up the ladder to powered Dynaudio, Neuman, Focal, PMC and others. Regarding your environment one should seriously consider a speaker with substantial grills.

I own several Tivoli products and they work well within their world.