downgrade question

Hello everyone,

As a result of some unforeseen financial circumstances, I am forced to downgrade my audio system as there are much higher priorities in my life at the moment.

My question to you is whether or not you feel downgrading from my Unison Research Unico to something like a new Cambridge Azur 640a would be intolerable to a critical listener like myself.

Further, does anyone know if the Epos M12's would mate well with this Cambridge amp? I'm considering buying a pair because their price is very good at the moment.

I will likely keep my source (rotel rcd 971 with MSB linkIII with half Nelson upgrade) because I doubt these items can be sold for any significant sum of money.

thanks very much
If you have financial issues then why not buy used ... you'll save money in the long run, especially if you resell when times get better. Epos ES14s would be a better buy than M12s, and I've got to believe a used Audiolab amp would better the cambridge. If the M12s are anything like the ES11s they're probably nice speakers.

The cambridge gear is supposed to be good value, but resale value is probably very low. On the other hand you could probably buy a used Audiolab (or maybe even a naim nait) for about the same and sell it for what it cost you in a couple of years. Kind of like buying a new Cavalier verus a used Civic.
Don't know of your speakers,
but the sleeper product(s) I can recommend instead of Unico are Nikko separates Alpha and Beta.
I suspect that these items will be upgrade towards performance and downgrade towards cost.
I'm going to throw in for tube gear: ASL AQ1003. 30 watts of tube power. They usually go for about $400 around here. I used to own Cambridge Audio stuff, and while it is a good value, it still is VERY entry-level. I don't know why, but ASL, despite the price point, seems to deliver a lot.