down to earth amp for Avalon Eidolon

I noticed here a few conversations already about Avalon Eidolon and best matching amp. It appeared Eidolon sounds best with CAT and Jadis. But I can't afford to buy Eidolon and recommended amp electronics.

Could you please let me know if you had a good experience with 'down to earth' amps with Avalon Eidolon.

My current system is

Meridian 508.24,ARC LS15 Preamp,ARC VT100 MkII, Proac2.5, interconnect(XLR)\speaker cable - NBS Master III, Svetlana valves.

I was considering
1) change only speakers
2) change ARC VT100 for more powerful Mcintosh (don't know which one yet. I found suggestion to bridge MC275 and get 150W per channel.
3)change ARC VT100 for Electrocompaniet AW120 ( Nice SS amp can produce 200W into 4oms)

What are your suggestions?

Please write only if you had the experience with Avalon Eidolon and 'down to earth amps'
Heard the Diamonds w/Ayre V-5x @ 2004 CES & thought it one of the best sounding rooms.

Click for Ayre room

I had the V-5x for 2 yrs. & replaced w/V-1xe.
My friend owns Eidolon Vision with all ARC system(VT200MkII/REF2MkII/CD3MkII) and it is very good sounding.
You can find used ARC VT200MkII for $3K-$6K(depending on units age and condition) and it will drive your Eidolon's without any problems... If you want new amp then check Rogue Audio Zeus.
By down to earth I assume you mean reasonably priced -- which could mean used.
I remember the following amps sounded nice paired to an old pair of eidolons (i.e. not the diamond, etc). DO note that these are quick dated impressions, that I listen to classical mostly, and that I like dynamics.

A mid-range Spectral stereo amp -- should be reasonably priced used.
A top Symphonic Line integrated (now that's expensive new -- but possibly much cheaper used??)
A Plinius 250 (I think)
An ASR emitter (not the huge thing with the many PS, just one PS)
A pair of Manley monos (the Stingray in mono version) -- not very expensive AFAIK
A pair of Densen monos also a Densen stereo (~100/channel, don;t remember the model number)

There were other very expensive amps involved. Of course there's a plethora of other amps that I haven't listened to. This is just a listing of products I remember. Good luck!
Gregm, Driver, thank you for your input.

Anyone listen to Eidolons with ASL Hurricane, Gamut D200,YBA Passion 400 or Jadis Defy 7?
Since you mentioned the Gamut 200 -- I didn't like it (the previous model) with the Eidolons. It was one of the amps we played with.

On the contrary the Passion stereo was exquisite, outstanding. But seriously expensive, so I didn't mention it. While we're at it, the best sound (along with the YBA) was a Symphonic Line "Kraft" class A stereo. Ridiculously expensive.
Consider a used Atma-Sphere MA-1 MkII (140w OTL monoblocks). They sell on the used market for around $6,000. The higher powered MA-2 MkII.3 is what I use with my Eidolons, and the combination is outstanding in every way, but the cost of the MA-2 may push beyond what you consider "down to earth". Ralph Karsten says he has a number of customers using the MA-1 amps very successfully with Eidolons.
I can't find any review of Atma-Sphere MA-1 MKII with Eidolon. There is a sonic difference between MA-2 and MA-1. And I'm afraid that difference can be magnified by low impedance speakers. I sent my email to Ralph but didn't receive a reply yet.

I was talking about YBA Passion 400 which is AU$8000

Jadis DA-7(second hand),Atma Sphere MA-1 Mk2.III(demo) and YBA Passion 400 on my list. CAT JL2 is unfortunately out of my price range yet. And I'm still looking.

Thank you
Read the review of the Nu Force 9.02 mono blocks in the latest issue of Reviewer owns the Avalons and he ended up buying the amps for himself...only $2500.00 per pair.
To the original poster:
Have you purchased the Eidolons yet?
Don't change anything till you listen to the setup.
I *started* my eidolons back in 2000 with
Ref1 and VT200... awful.
VT130 with capacitor mods (Auricap) and KT88 sounded decent, and a pair Vac Vintage 100 monos ($1600 used) brought the Eidolons to life.
Now I am using VAC Phi 70s.
Down to earth inexpensive? Avalon's in general are so reveling of quality, beyond these I haven't a clue.
I don't have anywhere near the experience this reviewer has had with different amplifiers but his description of the character of these mono's is the truth.

A used Ayre V-1xe or the Atma-Sphere MA-1 or 2 all of which were suggested above. The Karma 150's are another option. You will absolutely regret replacing your Eidolons, don't do dat. While Eidolon's do present a difficult load for lesser amplifiers, don't get caught up in power ratings, it's not about watts it's about current and quality. Reread Johnsonwu's post and trust your own ears in your own room.