Down to 3 speakers, and I'am still confused

After months of listening to speakers, both home demo's, and dealer demo's, I am down to 3 speaker systems that I really like, but I can use some help, and extra ears on this one. I am really losing my mind here...First, my equipment consists of a plinius sa100 mk3 amp, a plinius m14 preamp, a classe .3 cd player (which I will upgrade next, but sounds pretty good) and jm reynaud twin mk3's. Don't get me wrong, the twins are a very good speaker, but I am ready for a floor stander, and I am not crazy about the reynaud line of floor standers. I really liked the reynaud trentes, but call me thick, I really want a floor stander. Ok here goes...yes they sound diff., and they have their own special strong points, but I am confused....The 3 speakers are b&w n804's, monitor audio gold ref. 20's, and sonus faber grand piano home. They are very close in price, which is about as much as I want to spend. I listen to a lot of different types of music (no hip hop, teckno, or country). My room size is 15x20, with wood floors, and a 6x8 rug in front of my present pair of speakers. Any help would be great. Thanks nyrgrs60
Did the dealer let you bring your preamp and amp into the store for the demo? Or can they closely duplicate your gear at the store? If not, then ask.
Check out the Paradigm Studio 100 speakers, or the JM Lab Electra 920 speakers someone was selling on Audiogon. Those are amazing speakers.
My preference would be for the N804. I used to sell B&W and Sonus Faber and in a head-to-head comparison of these two speakers the N804 always came out on top. The bass goes lower and is tighter the mids have more warmth and the top end is smoother. We never sold a pair of GPs if we compared them directly to the N804. The GPs do image well and are probably more suited to lush, warm tube gear (which the store I worked for didn't carry), like CJ or Rogue, but for solid state it is the N804 for sure. I am not familiar with the MA Gold series but I also used to sell the Silver series which was okay, nothing great, and it did have a bright and grainy top end. Hope this helps.
Have you demo'ed any of the three finalists in your home? Are any two (or all) of them being carried by the same local dealer?
Check out the PMC FB-1's.
Dynaudio's are an excellent match with Plinius, as noted here and elsewhere numerous times. The Contour line have an articulate top end with out harshness. One of the strengths of these speakers is their ability to please with many different types of music. This line(contour) is currently being phased out in favor of a redesigned Contour line. You may be able to get good dealer demo deals on the departing line.
I really do not want to lug the plinius to the dealers, due to it's weight, so I usually have them use something as close as poss. which I know is not easy. I am going to take the 804's home for a demo, but I can't do the same with the others..... I am not a fan of paradigm, but I have heard some great things about jm labs. If the price is in the same ballpark, I will try them... None of the speakers are sold by the same dealer, so I can't a/b them. I did this with the sonus faber gp's and the martin logan aeon's, and I thought the gp's had a much better lower end, and sounded better with a wide selection of music, as the logans really sounded great on vocals, and specific types of music (classical and jazz)... Thanks, nyrgrs60
I was recently comparing the GPs and the N804s as well (and Audio Physic virgos...). My conclusion was that if I only listened to Norah Jones and Patricia Barber, I'd be happy with the GPs, but if you ever want to listen to rock, go with the N804s. The GPs do not rock! They're just too sweet and polite and (maybe?) rolled off at the top. But really, any decent dealer should let you take them home for a day or a week so you can audition them in a realistic way!