Down right BEST CDP for the money???

I have Cary Audio 300SE Sig monoblocks, Cary SLP-50 preamp, and Tyler Acoustics Reference Monitors. I'm looking for a CD player or DVD player that will match well with my equipment. I'm not looking for CD mod.

Thanks, JJ
Cary CD players get rave reviews from their owners and might be synergistic with your other Cary equipment.
"For the money". How much money? There is "best" CD player at every price point, from the Audio Aero Capitole at $6000 to the Cambridge Audio D500SE at $400.
Since you are a Cary fan, you should check into their players. They have current models in the $3000 and $5500 range (both very well recieved), and I believe they're supposed to introduce a $1500-ish model any day now. As far as "for the money" goes, you should definitely check into a used model of some sort. You automatically save about 50% that way. People can give you more specific recomendations if you list your price range. You also might want to do a search in the archives, because this sort of question has been asked before (in all price ranges).

P.S. There really is no "best"...everyone prefers different models based on their personal tastes and systems.
For the money (pound for pound), the Sony DVP S9000ES DVD/CD/SACD. Street price less than $900 (List at introduction was $1500). I've heard it's being discontinued in favor of a newer model. This one is an incredible CD player for the money. The fact that it is an excellent DVD player and an SACD player, too, is an added bonus.
You can download the very favorable review at:
I agree with Ncarv. In fact, my really cheap Sony DVD plays CD's so good it's spooky. Just my 2cents worth.
How does the Sony S 9000 compare to the new AA Prima?