Down-graded and happy?

I would like to hear from all those who have succesfully down-graded and are satisfied with the sound.
Since, I am still on this merry go around forever upgrading - help me get off this horse.

There was this post about how he down graded from Krell to Acurus amp, and he is satisfied - the sound is a little less liquid and transparent, but not by that much - and he can live with it.

If you have found your sonic-nirvanah, and have down-graded it, could you explain why (in terms of Hifi terms)?

Thanks, and I hope we all get there without breaking our bank account - keeping our loved ones happy as well.
Just check my system, now using Pathos Classic integrated and VERY happy. If my building was better acousticaly isolated I would pursue separate pre/power as before but I found out how great an integrated can be. In my situation it's actually better.
If it helps, there's a whole thread somewhat dedicated this this. It's the Perpetual Merry-Go-Round thread. :-)
I change gear a lot, just because it's fun to try different things. One thing is when I change it is not always an upgrade, sometimes quite the opposite. I don't call it a downgrade,(by definition I guess it would be) but a lower priced piece. Something that I have found to be true, is that you don't have to spend enormous amounts of money to achieve great sound.
Well thought out reasonably priced components that play music can give you just as much, if not more pleasure than the most expensive stuff.
So the answer is yes, you can downgrade and be quite happy.
It would be really hard to downgrade, but it would be nice to simplify.
I have downgraded my speakers, from original owner of Infinity IIb (1984 $$3,200 list, paid $2,200. new) sold those for parts for $1,800. (EMIMS are $$$), and bought a refurbished pair of Magnepan MGIIb for $200 from a local dealer.
The Maggies are every bit as good as the Infinity set was.
I probably will NEVER upgrade beyond what level I have now.
If something breaks, or a great deal on someting arises, but as is I am satisfied.
The upgrade path is exponential. Once you are at a decent level of sound quality, to move up significantly is VERY expensive.
Here is what I found works best and has taught me a lot:

I buy one component and then I buy all the direct competitors, one at a time, in the same price range. I keep the better of the two each time. This way, after trying a few, I have the best in that price category. You would be surprised how much difference there is between them! If you don't have the best at a price point when you "upgrade," then you are aimlessly wasting money.

In addition, you get to try them out in your system and with your ears so you KNOW what is best. This is the only way to do it.

Doing this, I have come across some components that are silly good for the money. i keep them in mind in case one day I need money or space and can "downgrade" without losing much quality at all. Good luck!
I posted to the "Burn-out" thread but this one has a different slant--so here I am. I put my cat3 and First sound pre's on the back burner and got a Placett RVC for 850. Quite the piece for the money; or otherwise. Then I picked up a pair of Lowther horns cheap. Even more astounding--price-point or otherwise. They image like a champ and a mid range that puts my 9k 200lb floorstanders to shame. True !! -----Then I was talking with David in St.Louis and he has an intergrated for 500 that will be all I would need period.---Is it actually possible to spend less and get more??? Who knows----
I woundn't necessarily call it a downgrade, but I have greatly simplified my 2-channel systems and I'm extremely happy. System is now:

Quad 99 CDP CD player w/built-in volume control
Channel Islands VMB-1 40 watt mono-block chip amps
Reference 3A MM DeCapo Monitors
Good Cables

That's it! Basically 3 components and very musical. This system is much less expensive than other combinations I've owned in the past. Bought everything used on AudiogoN and paid less than 50% of list for everything.

So, less complicated and less expensive, but not a downgrage sonically.


Did you read the thread of Avguru on Digital Titled
Is there any CDP significantly better than DV50?
This explain that you dont need expensive digital
cdp, to get good performance. Iam one of the
participant in the Shootout of four CDP.Lastly
Like Robert Harley wrote in his book,IF DO YOUR
I've gone from Dayton Wright xg 8 electrostatics (with upgraded panasonic leaf tweeters), Threshold sl-10 pre amp and 4000 amp, linn sondek sp12 turntable with dynavector 505 arm and ruby cartridge to the following:
1)magnepan 1.6 QR
2)luxman r-117 receiver
3)sony 75es cd player 4)all more apartment friendly and bought for less than the price of the turntable of my prior high end system- Great sound and inexpensive.

The Dayton Wrights (when working) were the finest speakers I've heard along with those listed in my list of top ten speakers of all time.