Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic

I think this topic deserves its own thread , where use double ic through y adapters , from source to preamp, Can’t connect it from Preamp to Amp...For me the result is huge, I can’t go back to single ic....
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I used Grannyrings DSM cables with my Lyngdorf 2170 digital integrated amp. Its not a true class D amp,,,but just thought I would add this to the thread. No issues.

I also used the DSM cables from my Lumin D1 Dac direct into a LTA ZOTL40 Tube Power Amp. No issues using the Lumin app volume control. Sounded amazing!
No issues at all.   Just the opposite......better sounding music! 
I am also using the SM on my connection between the TRL DUDE preamp and the Nuforce Ref 9 V3 SE mono amps (class D) with no issues, but extreme listening pleasure.  I also use the SM on my MW 5400 CD and phono preamp to preamp with very noticeably improved sound in all ways.  The ICs going TO my DUDE are both Teo GC/ GC II combos.  From the DUDE to Ref 9's are JW Reference ICs.  

Superb! Thank you for sharing dorkwad! This is delightful, to see Class D implementation working superbly. I am getting stunning results with Schroeder Method going direct from DACs into amps. Obviously, one has to ensure that if using a dedicated DAC that there is software volume control so that the signal is not sent unattenuated to the amp! 

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