Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic

I think this topic deserves its own thread , where use double ic through y adapters , from source to preamp, Can’t connect it from Preamp to Amp...For me the result is huge, I can’t go back to single ic....
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Just auditioned this method on my multi channel analog side with great success. More clarity and dynamics all around. 
piouser, congratulations on the success! I think you are the first to comment on the use of Schroeder Method for surround application. I anticipate that it would be as well received/regarded as with stereo. I would guess that the impact for your multimedia experience is quite positive.  Thank you for your feedback!  :) 

Out of curiosity, would you like to share the primary elements of the system in use with Schroeder Method in surround?
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piouser, nice setup! Salk makes a very fine speaker; nice taste in speakers! I reviewed Salk several years ago; nice stuff.