Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic

I think this topic deserves its own thread , where use double ic through y adapters , from source to preamp, Can’t connect it from Preamp to Amp...For me the result is huge, I can’t go back to single ic....
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It's been a while since this thread had a bump, so thanks, celander! 

Despite my lack of clarity in those two posts, I corrected them with a much more brief, correct discussion of the system chain, and I wish to enthuse about the stunning results obtained by using Schroeder Method on the AES/EBU output of the Musical Fidelity transport directly into the Exogal Comet DAC. 

One of the curiosities of this comparison between the Audio Sensibility double XLR cable used as AES/EBU and the assembled Clarity Cable pair with Audio Sensibility Y cables is that the sound quality changed rather dramatically between these two. The Exogal Comet is supposed to be signal agnostic as it literally constructs its own waveform, so theoretically if any DAC should have produced an identical result when merely switching cables it would be the Comet. But, that is far from what happened. Far from thinking the Comet did something in error, I think the Comet is the most correct DAC yet to handle the double AES/EBU. I had done this connection with other DACS, but never obtained such a stunning result. It seems the enhanced connection is leveraged by the Comet to create a stellar result. Theoretically with the Comet that shouldn't happen, but it has. 

I wonder if this is evidence of a signal/waveform change, confirmed by the Comet's rendering it differently between the two cables. In the past I have found that essentially the Comet did nullify format differences with digital sources. So, how to explain the substantial difference in this case with all variables identical except the particular double AES/EBU cable being used? That is most unexpected, but I am grateful for it. This calls for further exploration. 

But, for now, I'm going to enthuse in the stunning sound quality! The MF M1 CDT transport, which I believe was discontinued, in this configuration with the Exogal Comet DAC and Exogal Ion PowerDAC with HyperDrive upgrade (article coming soon at handly outperforms all the disc spinners I ever reviewed, including a few $10K players. But, not having those on hand to assess, who is to say they would not be improved dramatically as well? 

Anyone else ventured a try with Schroeder Method interconnects? 
I will have an Exogal Comet Plus DAC in the system on Sunday. Feeding it will be my Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK2 transport. I have a few AES/EBU digital cables to sample, including an SM assembly. Should be interesting. 
celander - Which SM AES cable are you going to listen to?

I look forward to your findings.

Doug - Then (1) Audio Sensibility double XLR cable used as an AES cable worked well with the Comet DAC?  Since I have a set of them  (Audio Sensibility Impact SE double XLR),  I had been wondering about trying one for AES duty.

The only thing stopping me was the length - not long enough.
Maxima95 in answer to your first question, yes.

I have moved a lot of gear/systems in order to use too short cables for comparison. :)