Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic

I think this topic deserves its own thread , where use double ic through y adapters , from source to preamp, Can’t connect it from Preamp to Amp...For me the result is huge, I can’t go back to single ic....
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What strikes me the most about is not that these changes cover a wide range of attributes or characteristics of sound quality; I find that cables globally influence the system's sound. What amazes me is the degree to which these changes happen with the Schroeder Method. The effect is far beyond what I might have predicted. I thought there might be a deleterious effect, but instead there is a very strong improvement across the board.
I have been looking to update this thread with recent activity. Steve from Audio Sensibility has been sending me Y cables, both RCA and XLR, for assessment and write up. That is underway. He has also been working on a Schroeder Method double IC with his own particular twist. 

Meanwhile, I have used the double IC on a very heavy hitter speaker system with outstanding, nay, spectacular success. I will say this; it was paired with the previously mentioned Benchmark AHB2 amplifier, and the result is glorious. Other amps tested to follow. 

The outcome of all this is so far beyond expectations. I'm still looking for input from another manufacturer to see how far I can take this. This is no minor improvement, this is an ultra-efficacious method. 

(For those just joining, please see the discussion on appropriate systems for use with Schroeder Method. Do not presume any and all rigs are appropriate. At this point there is in place a caution regarding class D amps. That may change in the future, but not at this point. This is a do at your own risk activity.) 

My responses from manufacturers, designers, etc. in regards to the suitability of trying, and the efficaciousness of Schroeder Method has covered the full spectrum. Some laugh it off, while others discuss potential issues that they feel the Schroeder Method should be avoided. Yet others find it fascinating and say they will try. Some feel it's benign in terms of what equipment it could be used with, and the most recent tech with a background in electrical systems said it will always improve a system. He feels I stumbled on to one of the few absolute ways to improve signal transfer.

That's not an official go ahead to try with class D amp! 

Has anyone tried the SM cabling from a preamp to a NuPrime STA200 amp? This NuPrime amp as a bandwidth of 10 Hz to 100kHz (-3dB at 900kHz). Could be magical....
I fell in line with the Schroeder Method and am reveling in the spectacular performance.   The aural picture is so real I feel as though I've stepped into the performance.  I can follow each single instrument and appreciate what it brings to the piece.  I replaced uber expensive silver interconnects....and would not change back.