Doug Sax RIP
Here are parts of Jerome Sabbagh's words about Doug Sax. very nice words.

I can't put all of it on this post because it relates to Kickstarter stuff.

"I was sad to learn that Doug Sax passed away yesterday. He was one of the greats of mastering, quite possibly the best mastering engineer ever. I have many fantastic sounding records he worked on. It was a dream come true for me to work with him, and an honor, indeed.

As a musician and a lover of good sound, Doug Sax's work will always be a benchmark for sound quality and integrity, for me and so many others.

RIP Doug Sax and thank you!

Jerome Sabbagh"
I true loss to us. As much as some of the artists who we love.
Hearing the second Sheffield Direct-To-Disc LP changed my life!
Just listened to The Motels-All Four One on vinyl for the first time last night. To my surprise it's a near reference level recording, NOT surprised the recording/mastering engineer was Doug Sax!
RIP. His early Sheffield Labs brought clarity, resolution and dynamics rarely,if ever, found at that time. Unique and dedicated contribution to our enjoyment, much appreciated. I still have many of his recordings and they are some of my "fondest" keepsakes.