Doug Sax remaster guru question

Besides the Floyd remasters which are stellar..what other release has he done?
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Barnes & Nobles lists the following as mastered by Sax.
I have read several kudos on this forum with respect to the remixing capabilities of Doug Sax. Sax has had his moments, but is not always the best choice, IMHO. Witness the Analogue Production CD remastering of "Art Pepper Meets Rhythm Section". Apparently, Bernie Grundman is an ardent "Pepperphile" and wanted to be involved in the remastering and, while AP originally tabbed Sax to do the remastering, they ultimately asked both he and Grundman to remaster a separate version of the classic so that Grundman would not be offended. Well, at least on my deck, the Sax version reminds me that I have two distinct speakers, since the most all of sound comes from one, the other, or both, ONLY. On the other hand, the Grundman version gives a wide, deep soundstage. Go Figure...though I hasten to add that the Sax remastering on 180gr vinyl is EXCELLENT, so it might be a media issue.
While Doug Sax will be forever connected with great work on the Sheffield Labs direct-to-disk work and is one of the very best in the business, Bernie is "The Man" time and time again. His work provides the best imaging, soundstage and is the most listenable.

Recording after recording is so sweet. He knows things others could not. Listen to Michael Hedges "Taproot", Nightnoise "Shadow of Time" or Puck Fair "Fair Play" and decide if these are not some of the best recordings you've heard.