Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts?

Does anyone still remember Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts? They made nine LP's but the only CD I know of is a "greatest hits" release and it has become a collectors item. They started playing the college scene at frat parties in the mid 50's in North Carolina and became almost legendary. Their music is very risque but quite humorous. I would appreciate AG community assistance in locating a copy at a reasonable price? I would also like to hear the comments of anyone who saw them perform in person! Thanks!
Ah yes, a late night on Hillsborough St. NC State had just won the NCAA championship and Raleigh was wide open. What's that I hear in the background? "Nuts, hot nuts get from your peanut man"
"Hot Nuts, Hot Nuts, get from the peanut man" or something like that.
Remember them well, used to play in Atlanta quite often in the 60's and 70's. Saw a copy of one of their records at a local record store a few weeks ago. Almost bought it but didn't. I'm sure you could Google them and find copies around somewhere. Check Ebay.
As a kid, working in a record store..Doug Clark, Red Foxx, and Rusty Warren outsold every comedy artist of the time. We used to stock them In the same area as the religious artists....I orginally thought that was a bad idea, until I learned that the two catagories shared many consumers...go figure.
my father had one lp i can't remember the name red cover it was very funny, something about my ding a ling.