Double Sided CD won't read

Just got a Resolution Audio Opus 21 with the GNSC Reference mod, and I'm very happy with the sound. But it won't read the few CD's I have that are CD on one side and DVD on the other. They played in my previous player, an EAD Ultradisc 2000. Is this a problem with the newer transports, or is there a work arround?
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This is what happens when people deviate from accepted technical standards. The dual discs are thicker than the spec allows. The player is designed with the assumption that the discs meet the spec. If you buy a dual disc you are skating on thin might be OK, but maybe not.
It's very common that DualDiscs won't work in all cd players, there's usually even a statement of that fact right on the case. The only one that I own actually works in my home player, a two year old Tube Technology player, but not in my car. It may be that they won't play because the Opus 21 uses a CD-Rom drive. Another example of technology for it's own sake, rather than improving our lives!
Welcome to the rip off called DualDisc. Just about every hardware manufacturer has issued warnings that they may not play in their units as the discs are a tad thicker than Redbook CD's, DVD's and SACD's. Despite the known inherent flaw, the software manufacturers are hell bent on shoving them down the buying public's throat. To top off that issue the only spec for the DVD side is that it be at least as good as the CD type side (they can't call it Redbook because it doesn't meet the Redbook standard). That means there is no guarantee that the DVD side is going to be hi-rez.

You might consider voicing your issues to the record label(s) and the store(s) you bought them from.
Maybe a trip to the belt sander is in order!!!....At least get my frustrations out!!...Hope this doesn't mean I need to keep my old player for just a few CD's....
That sucks! So use EAC to rip it on your computer or if you have a plextor drive use the Plextor Tools to RIP to Flac or WAV and then reburn that CD... now use the burn.. it will sound better if you actually do the EAC calibration...
Can't get my DVD burner to read the damned thing, either!!!It's a Plextor, thought it would....Bah, Humbug!!