Double sets of speaker binding posts on Krell ?

I bought a Krell FPB300 amp recently,unfortunately without manual.

What are double sets(TWO pairs) of speaker binding posts for? Bi-wire?

If so,I can use TWO PAIRS of speaker cables ,connected to EACH PAIR of binding posts,for driving LOW and MID-HIGH
Or,I should buy ONE PAIR of bi-wired speaker cables,just connecting to ONE PAIR of binding posts on Krell?

Probably simple question for you experienced Krell users.
Thank you in advance!
Generally I beleive that if you can use four seperate cables for biwiring it's a good thing. It can be pricey in terms of wire but should give an upgrade in sound quality.
Krell amps have plenty of juice and seem to like bi-wiring. When I bi-wired my B&W's and used both sets of binding posts, it seemed like the amp took better control of the speakers. Of course, B&W recommends bi-wiring, so your mileage may vary. I would definitely experiment if I were you. You won't hurt the amp.
Yes - the dual sets of output terminals are connected in
parallel to the SAME output transistors in the amp.

The dual sets of output terminals are for ease in bi-wiring.

Krell has made the bi-wiring easier for you. Not every
speaker cable is available as a bi-wire set with a single
pair of connectors at the amp end and a dual pair at the
speaker end.

If your favorite cables are not available in biwire - it's
often tricky trying to get two spade lugs on a single amp
terminal. Krell gives you a terminal for each spade.

You also have the flexibility to use different cable runs
for high and low frequency if you so desire.

Krell gives you a lot of flexibility for the cost of an
extra set of amp terminals.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Thank you for your responses.Very helpful.
Thank you!