Double Run spkr cable Single wiring - any good ?

Hi, I have been using Analysis Plus Oval 9 spkr cable-Single run with satisfaction. Now that I just bought a Biwireable spkr ;YET very skeptical for Biwiring them (reportedly would reproduce less/leaner Bass; also the overall sound would be less coherent than with Single-wiring ).
How about Double Run of the AP Oval 9(9 gauge)for SINGLE-wiring ? Would this have synergistic effects/sonic improvement ??
I appreciate very much of your opinion,explaination and suggestions
Thanks in advance
The way I look at it in an electrical point of view, the point where the two cables met at the amp and on the speaker is virtually the same wether you have one cable or two.

But resitance of the conductor becomes lesser (parallel), inductance will be lower (parallel), and capacitance will be higher(series). Obvious effect (to the speaker crossover and as an impedance seen by the amp) depends on the lenght of the conductors use of course.

If it was me, I will stick to a single cable. Unless the speaker is biwireable (different entry points as par as the speaker crossover is concern).

I could be wrong!

Thanks Amandarae,
How about JUST replacing the spkr's jumper with the same cable (Analysis Plus Oval 9 )jumper /stay on Single run ? Wonder any SIGNIFICANT sonic upgrade/in what sonic aspects ?
Many have suggested to use the same brand of spkr cable/jumper ;wonder whats the reason behind this suggestion ?

Better in my opinion! Since most stock speaker jumpers from manufacturers are piece of crap! Case in point, I bought a pair of Martin Logan Ascents ($4500) before. The jumpers are comparable to heavier gauge than usual tin cans with slits. Then I have the Maggies 1.6Qr just recently. Jumpers are like common bent plated nails!

Simonleemd, why not try to biwire your speaker? You have the cable and the speaker to do so, and it won't hurt them. You've only heard bad things about biwiring, but for my set-up, it made a huge difference for the better. Just suck it and see, if it sounds worse, go back to single wiring.
Thanks Satch . As I have mentioned ; I just could'nt bear for the Bass become less/leaner than it is now(with Single run of AP Oval 9 ),also the less coherent sounding with Bi-wiring . IF I am not mistaken ;there is Bi-Oval 9 (Analysis Plus);it looks like a Double Run (of AP Oval 9 )with 4-connecters on the Spkr-end and 2-connecters on the Amp-end-How about stacking the 4-connecters on the Spkr-end /with the jumper still in place -acting like a Double Run SINGLE-wiring : would this be any sonic benefits/improvement than the standard single-wiring ?? (I am raising this question just in case the Bi-wiring turns out as the aforementioned disadvantages /to my hearing )
Since there is no Bi-Oval 9 available here in Taiwan; I have to order thru AP in MI -USA without any audition-trial ;and I really need input as much as I can get,and your(also any readers)opinion, suggestions is eagerly needed and appreciate very much of your(all) help.
Thanks in advance
One year ago I went to bi-wiring my speakers. It was an improvement on the order of a new and better speaker wire. I do not know about the electronic theory, but my guess is that bi-wiring depends mostly upon your amps current capability and the speaker's design. My Krell amp seemed to like it when I asked it for more power by attaching another set of cables to it. Also, my B&W 802N speakers are apparently designed for bi-wiring. From what I've read here on the 'gon, not all speakers with bi-wire capability are truly helped by bi-wiring. If I were you, I would try to find a way to test out bi-wiring. Do you have an audiophile friend that can loan you some decent speaker wire for an overnight test?