Double cable runs

I am using a pair of BEL S12 speaker cables in my system. The speakers I own (Quad US Monitors) are not bi-wireable but I have an extra pair of the S12 cables. Is there benefit to be gained by using a double run of S12s to my Quads? Amps are 70 watt tube monoblocs.
If you have them, just try it and listen. Doubling up on the run will reduce the resistance of the cable--usually a good thing--but may cause some phase distortions if the two cables aren't exact (length, age, condition--internal that is). It won't hurt to try.
In most cases that is the way to go. But with your speakers You have to be careful not to over saturate your tweeter. The best thing to do is try it and listen. See if your highs are over powering? good luck