Double blind test- over a month- could this be a reliable test for any equipment?

I am aware there are lots of debate about the merit of the double-blind test.Reading lots of articles online makes me feel overwhelmed and also confusing- you could have a totally opposite view of the same piece of equipment and system.

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The double-blind audio data (e.g. codec) tests conducted by researchers and sound experts will be rapid comparisons of the same short segment. Typically you will pick a few seconds out of a 30 second track, and rapidly switch back and forth in order to easily detect differences.

When we compare gear, we often do the same. 10-30 seconds of the same segment of music, repeated back and forth as quickly as possible between the two pieces of gear. It's the most reliable way to identify real differences.

In any event, you can only do this for so long before you need to take a break. Unless the differences are so large and obvious, it can take a lot of concentration to go through this and people get tired.