Doshi preamp l/p vs Messenger preamp line/phono

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to hear these units and might compare them?
I appreciate also opinions foe each preamp separately.
I'd also be interested in this comparsion - am considering both of these as a potential pream upgrade.
yes anyone? how about any links which are not easily google up, thanks.
Never heard the Messenger but the Doshi Alaap is one of the best preamps I've ever heard.
I've heard both in completely different systems, so I'm unable to make a relative judgement. They are each highly regarded and I have heard nothing to suspect otherwise. Importantly, the gentlemen behind the designs seem to be of high quality. At this price point, it's worth arranging an audition (preferably in home) prior to purchase.
Philipwu- What amp/speakers are you using. I have owned the Messenger, but it would be helpful to know more of your system.
Thanks Fjn04,
i have Simaudio 750D cdp & MartinLogan Spire with MIT cables. Amp would be YBA but would change out shortly after getting the pre.
The Messenger is a nice preamp. I don't know if I heard it to it's full potential, my amp may have not been a great match. In that price range, you may also consider a Shindo Massetto. It does fit your criteria of a built in phono stage. The Massetto also mates well with most solid state amps. I assume you may run SS with the Spire's. The Doshi also has a great following, but I unfortunately haven't heard it. I do know someone whose opinion I value, and he loves the Doshi.
hi Fjn04,
Thanks for your input. Actually i don't require a phono stage,just not starting a new thread if a similar exist, trying to adhere Audiogon's principles.
just asking, does Messenger has a huge quiet black background where music/nuance emanate from? do you hear the EXTENSION of musical notes bounce off the hall or whatever real or artifical "wall",so to speak. Thanks, hope that's not too technical
Haven't heard the Messenger so don't shoot this one, but have owner a Doshi the last 4 years. It totally transformed my system incredibly detailed, dynamic and engaging