Doshi preamp...Is it a good preamp with CD + LP ?

What is it sound like ?
I'm using an ARC SP-11 MK2 now. I wonder how it compares to the SP-11 ?
Never heard the SP-11 but IMO, it compares very favorably w most other top of line full-feature pre-amps. I would say that the phono stage is it's claim to fame- usually 2 or 3 phono inputs, MM & MC, w variable loading and full active gain, no SUT. Line stage is no slouch. No remote on mine and dual attenuators may be a turn-off to some, but it sounds great.
I am fortunate to have a Doshi Alaap.
It is THE end all Pre for me! I love it.
It's by far the best line stage I've ever heard with CDs. And it's no slouch with LPs either! If you're interested in acquiring one at a very reasonable price, contact me directly.

MIc...Let me know what you have.