Dose anyone know the Spectron audio is still provide services or not?


This is my first post here. Few years ago, I bought 2 spectron musician 3 mk2 and love them. But one of them has some issues. I sent it back to Northridge CA 3 times, around 2 years and still not got it fixed. Every time I received the amp from repairing, it was good for about one month then problems came out.
I sent the amp back again, and try to call the phone number from the spectron audio website, no one answered the phone, neither the email. 

Does anyone one contact with spectron person recently? Or know the status of spectron?
Thanks a lot

Guest no one know the answer. I will keep trying to make contact with Spectron.
The manager of Spectron replied the email, the Spectron do still provide services. FYI.

I’ve tried repeatedly to contact someone st Spectron. Phone goes to voice mail. Email replies not forthcoming. 
I've been trying to make contact via phone and email myself for 6 weeks. No response.
I’ve tried repeatedly for days on end, leaving voice mail messages and emails. I think they’re now defunct. The janitor left the voice mail prompt. Lights are out. 
“When the Music’s over, turn off the lights...” ~The Doors
Sorry to be a bit pedantic, but that's "turn OUT the lights."
@ronsorrells 1+ 😂😂
I’d tried to contact Spectron since last November , and final got response in March. The manager “Manh” said he was out off country. Later he fixed my amp and sent it back to me. I am so glad that it has no problem so far and the sound is still wonderful. 

I hope Spectron is still there providing service, if not, I don’t know what the next amp I would get which is as good as musician 3 mk2 but not cost me an arm and a leg.
I had a local Chicago electronics shop (Deltronics on Halsted) re-balance my Spectron Audio Digital One and repaired a slew of Furman IT-Reference and Exact Power Power Conditioners and Regenerators. They brought back from the dead an EP15-A unit that a dealer on EBay sold for parts to me!  😂😂