dose anybody know where to find a firmware upgrade for Velodyne DD-Subwoofer

hello looking for the original DD- Velodyne subwoofers firmware I want to upgrade from version 2.2.0 to version 2.2.3 , any information would help, I tried to call Velodyne but the number I have for them no longer works , thanks
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Velodyne may be D.O.A.  I have a DD-12 Velodyne sub and it needs a new amplifier. I can't find Velodyne, either. 
Crazy, I talked to Bill at Velodyne Acoustics this Summer not sure what's going on, I would start calling repair shops , have you checked the fuse ?
I will go by there on the way home, I live close by and will report back I am worried I have two 15 in DD subs they cost a good chunk of change I would be sick if something goes wrong 
Velodyne Acoustics

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I have a very nice DD-18 that still has ver 1.2 firmware. I too, would like to upgrade to
So disappointed that Velodyne has abandoned customers that brought them to the dance by spending $5K or more on equipment. 
Wish them-- and the company that bought them--their just desserts.