Dorm room audio

My daughter is going to college soon and wants to continue to listen to her father's vinyl (i.e., my records). Need suggestions for a turntable-based system that won't kill my records but can fit in a dorm room and doesn't cost so much given the likelihood for theft or impaired student falling into said system.
Firstly, I highly commend you for raising your Daughter to where she appreciates your records and music (and thus her Dad:) Barring a metal cage around the turntable, all will be vulnerable and delicate. A turntable will attract the boys.
For the first semester, I suggest a cheap TT, a case of dispensable records, and a case of Bear-grade pepper spray. :)
What is your budget?
The VPI Nomad is an excellent option for $1000, and is geared towards this young crowd. It includes a built-in headphone amp, and also a phonostage I think.

Otherwise, an entry-level Rega or Pro-ject TT would be ideal. There are number of good phono stages for under $300 new or used. Also more integrated amps available with Bill been phone no stages. Keep in mind that there are also some pretty good bookshelf speakers that have built in amplifiers, which would negate the need for a separate amplifier. Of course the built-in amplifiers in the bookshelf speakers are class D, which would be fine for the dorm room system.
Good luck
I would go with the following from Needle Doctor ...

Audio Technica LP 120 and Audio Engine A2 Combo for $548

or the same turntable that Needle Doctor has for $300 and the Emotiva 5S at $350

I like the idea of powered speakers because she can also use her laptop with them, as well.

First, a good table, which is the basic model from U-Turn Audio (only on line). Great sound, great value. Second, forget the speakers, its a no no in a dorm. Instead, Beats headphone, look cool, sound great.
a teen who doesn't listen exclusively to ear buds through her computer? amazing.
Take a look at my VPI Nomad on Audiogon. Don't know if it's too pricey but would fit the bill with some powered speakers. I happen to have some Audioengine Bamboo A5's. Let me know if you're interested.
Buy used Pioneer PL12D on Ebay. Great vintage TT, well built. With new belt and cartridge (Audio Technica 95E) makes a great starter table for ~$150.

The use of powered speakers for a dorm setting is a good idea. However, another approach might be to buy a used 2 channel integrated or receiver with phonostage. A pioneer A-35r can be found for about $150. Older ones can be cheaper. Couple the amp with a pair of Dayton Audio B652-AIR speakers from Parts Express, $60. Closed box, can be hung on or placed close to wall, good sound for $$$.

Good luck!
Just one of many approaches that can be taken. The above will minimize the risk to damage or theft while making for a great dorm system.
so Isochronism,
Can you tell us what you ended up getting? or what system you are leaning towards?