Dorm Room Amp/Preamp

Hi, I'm a budding audiophile about to go to college and leave behind my Paradigm Reference Studio 60s so I originally bought a used pair of Paradigm Monitor 3s and a NuForce Icon after seeing the glowing review of it in stereophile. The NuForce was too much trouble with the rj45 to speaker wire connector and new power supply so I returned it. I have about $800 left to spend on amp/preamp. Any suggestions on what to buy? I obviously don't need a lot of wattage and something with USB in would be nice. Thanks for your help.
Take a look at the KingRex T20U over here. Might be fine in a dorm room.
look at a used tube integrated amp like jolida.
peachtree or keep some of the money and get a harman kardon 3475 (which is a steal).
used Cayin, tubes. Will drive anything you fit in a dorm room. Of course, the tubes will be cool, cool, cool. Enjoy
Agree with Jaybo about the Peachtree Decco. Tubed preamp, amp and Scott Nixon-designed DAC with USB input in a nice package. Also works well as a DAC/preamp for an external power amp if you want to experiment with tubes later on.
Winsome Labs' Mouse-30/45W and musical.Small chassis.Been very impressed with mine driving full-range monitors.Alps Blue-Velvet volume is recommended.
Yeah thanks a lot for your responses guys. I've been leaning towards Peachtree Audio Decco looks gorgeous and has all the features I need but I haven't really heard much about them. But I've also heard a lot about Music Hall's offerings. Anybody have firsthand experience with them?
Excuse me. They are no longer called 'dorm rooms'. The preferred term now is 'residence hall room.'
I recently purchased a Nuforce Icon system for one of my daughters dorm... er, residence hall rooms. The sound was fine - just not enough of it. With the volume knob cranked all the way up it was still not loud enough. Sadly, it got returned.

I am also looking at a Peachtree Decco. Hard to locate used, but if the newer Nova is any indication it should be a killer integrated amp/DAC combo.

If that doen't pan out i will probably look at a used Rega Brio. The girl spins vinyl, so the excellent phono stage is a plus. I just need to pair up a good, inexpensive USB DAC and we are off to the races.
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Vinyl? Obi Wan, you have taught her well.....

For my money, in my rooms with my speakers, I didn't like the NAD. I thought the sound was too sterile and clinical, but had great dynamics and drive. It might depend on the music she likes. I haven't tried the Cambridge but have read that their flavor is more like tubes. I can't vouch for that though. I like my Decco and it is almost future=proof. Plenty of drive and dynamics. I thought the high end was a little soft, but maybe it is my speakers. So versatile and very pretty. It is impressive to look at, the remote is a plus, plenty of inputs but you would have to add a phono. Have some fun with it!
Tgrisham - yes, vinyl. Both my girls are very much into it. This one (the younger) is an voice (opera) major in college, and many great old performances never made it to digital media.

The Decco looks pretty good, but the phono stage on the Brio is also appealing. What speakersare you using with your Decco?
I have used some small AV123 monitors and older floorstanding DYnaudios 70s. Its difficult to say how it would sound until you are there in the room but it still has so many appealing qualities for her situation. I have never owned Rega but the reputation is good. The Decco turns digital into vinyl. That may be appealing. But, then you have the cost of a phono stage and interconnects. The Rega is small and has a phono but you would have to add a DAC. Decisions....decisions.... But, isn't it nice to have a child who appreciates music and music reproduction? Something to share with them....Life is good!
NAD, good enough for the dorm. Good enough for a second system anywhere. Use the money you don't spend on hardware on music and/or live performances.
Make sure you can part with it whatever you get. I say this because I lost almost 150 CDs in college living in the fraternity house due to theft (yes, your own frat brothers WILL steal from you!). Your college years are when you really begin to learn what people are made of and unfortunately many are made of crap. If it ain't bolted down, it can walk. I write this not to deter you from getting quality gear, but to warn you of the real possibility of what can happen.