Doors Vinyl Box Set Defect?

I received The Doors Vinyl Box Set last week. I just noticed on Morrison Hotel, the labels on either side of the record were the same. Both labels were for side 1 "Hard Rock Cafe." However side 2, though mislabeled, did play properly. Has anyone else noticed this?
I have two sets, one is staying sealed. But the open set labels are correct on all the LP's in the set.

How do you guys like the set? I did some research and the concensus seem to be that this reissue is not that good.

FrankC- I've heard(read) much of the some sentiments. Considering that originals in M- or better condition are reasonably inexpensive, it's kinda disappointing to have waited so long for digital remasters with these issues.
i bought two boxes as well...the one box i opened is incredible. they are uniformly superb.
I been loving my set, played twice with no issues so far.
All my labels are correct.
I've only played the self titled (stereo version) and Morrison Hotel so far, self titled sounded a little flat, Morrison Hotel was excellent. You definitly have to clean these LPs before playing. When it first arrived I couldn't wait so I put on the self titled on right away, it was full of clicks and pops. After a good clean, it sounded nice and quiet. I guess what they say is true, even brand new LPs need to be cleaned.
I got my set on Saturday. I'll have to go look at the labels. The sound is uniformly good to excellent even wonderful. Dead quiet vinyl. The original tapes, some of which were in bad shape, were remastered in the digital domain at 194/24 bits. According to the notes, the engineers decided to do this, after debate, because they couldn't hear the difference between this and analog mastering and digital allowed them to correct speed and pitch problems on the original tapes. Everything else stayed analog. Two Thumbs Up as far as I am concerned. Check out Amazon for reduced pricing.