Doors Documentary 5-12 on PBS

Heads up, there is a doors documentary on PBS. Looks like it will be pretty good.
Thanks much... just set the DVR. I was a tepid Doors fan until I read a couple of Jim Morrison bio books a couple of years ago. Having that background adds a whole new dimension to the music. (Plus I love the Oliver Stone movie).
Very good! If you missed it, you can watch it on PBS website.
05-12-10: Davetherave writes:
Plus I love the Oliver Stone movie
Ray Manzarak wasn't too happy with it - as noted a number of times in his book "Light My Fire".

I saw this documantary last night. It was quite informative. I found myself wishing someone would have intervened and tried to save Morrison from his self destruction.
I wish someone would intervene and save many of us from self destruction! But in the music world there have been many great talents that have fallen to self abuse of one form or another. I DVR's the program but haven't watched it yet, ironically I just bought the Doors Boxed set yesterday.
I loved the footage but hated the voiceover by J. Depp.

Also tired of them not accurately attributing his death to a hot dose of heroin in Paris. Rolling Stone Magazine ran a pretty interesting story about that four years back which interviewed French people who suggested the doctor who doctored the paperwork as an heart attack and even named his dealer friend.
I thought it was a sanitized PBS show typical of a politically acceptable government production. Morrison's story was superficially rendered. The narrative and Depp's voice over was cloying.

I turned it off after an hour.

Read "No One Here Gets Out Alive" for a much more interesting perspective on Morrison and The Doors.
I watched it with my 15 year old daughter which made it interesting to discuss the Doors, the 60s, and self destruction. It was great to see all of that footage. Jim was an animal. I'm not sure he would have done much else if he would have lived longer.

I agree with TVAD that the "No One Here Gets Out Alive" book was great.