Doors Box Set on LP - Bernie Grundman

Anyone bought and listened yet? I'm very tempted but not if they don't beat the 70s reissues I own.
they beat'em. many outlets are sold out already.
I haven't heard the vinyl but the Rhino CD remasters are better than the last mini vinyl boxset. They have added bonus tracks that are sometimes very good as well as being newly mixed from the original 16 track masters. Some purists dislike them because of the added vocals and intrumentation, but it is how the music was originally mixed.
These are excellent very well done and worth buying. Many of the type big online retailers are out of stock until August but have a few left. Excellent place to buy sealed lp's.
There's a pretty huge thread at the Steve Hoffman about these as well as a smaller one at vinyl asylum. Opinions seem to be split around 50-50 or possibly 60-40 in favor of the box set over the DCC's or originals.

In light of the fact that the box set has been manipulated digitally, I have no interest in it. I have originals or early re-issues of most of the albums and if I want any others I'll seek originals of those.

On top of that, there have been huge quality control issues with the box set.
My DCC copy (#936 - or so) of the first LP is clearly better than the first lp in the boxed set (#2345 - or so) and also better than a second pressing I have. It was probably due to the difficulty they were having with the tape. I sense no digital artifacts in the LP though. Some of the other LP's in the box set are better than the original and subsequent pressings.
My reading of the press on these was that the vinyl box was 'remastered' digitally with original mix while the Rhino Cd box was 'remastered' and 'remixed' digitally.

I am neutral on the remixing with the cd box, some tracks are improved some tracks sound modernized in a bad way. The remastering on cd box is an improvement especially if you play the DVDA versions.
"A seven-LP box set of 180-gram HQ vinyl reissues of all six of The Doors' studio masterpieces in stereo PLUS a mono version of their debut album! The entire set has been remastered and personally supervised by Jac Holzman, founder of Elektra Records and production supervisor for The Doors, and Bruce Botnick, The Doors' engineer/co-producer/mixer for all six studio albums. All albums are exact replicas of the original releases, including all artwork, packaging, inner sleeves and mixes. "

Original mix, but pretty sure I read that they used the hi-res digital as the source though.
We audiophile oriented small online retailers DO have the Doors box in stock- even super low numbers (#1830's) check our store at or our Ebay low price of $167.00 plus shipping (see our other audiophile vinyl at bigteesmusic on Ebay.)

Didn't write in just to do an ad, but would hate folks to miss cool opportunities just cuz the "big online retailers" are out of stock. :) We have boatloads of htf vinyl, btw.