Doors 24-bit remasters.....

It is my understanding that the Complete Studio recordings was done with 24 about the single disc releases?
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They are one and the same. I remember the box set coming out first. Then Warner released the single discs.
They are also HDCD-I have the box set.
Are the individual CDs HDCD, or just the box set?
I believe both are HDCD.
How's the quality on these things?
Good grief.

Yeah they sound great to my ears but of course the recordings are all well over thirty years old.

I think they stand up well,of course they have studio tricks of their time but the original recordings were good imho.

May I suggest a humble investment in one and take it from there.
I think they sound quite good. Better than the original CD transfers by far. The box set is a really nice package and I wish all box sets were made this way. Each individual album is packaged seperately in its original album cover (CD size of course). This is so much better than crammin all the songs on a few discs (like the Police box set). Another great thing: besides all the original Doors albums, you get a an extra disc with some great sounding live cuts. I was lucky to find the whole box set at my local used store for $45.

I must say though, I sure wish they had remastered the whole set as Hybrid SACD's.
I have this set but I prefer the 24K DCC issues. Unfortunately DCC did not release the full set but if you try these I think you'll like them!