Dont under estmate Martin Loga Motion 40 for 2 ch.

I am a B&W 602.2 & Martin Logan SL3 previous owner now living in a condo. I wish there was a hybrid of the two as both companies have the best tecnology for what they do best musicaly. As a fluke I was looking at B&W in the CDM 1NT and 805 Series as well Paradigm Studio 60 and PSB Imagine T due to condo size listening. The 805s are incredible yet lacks bass and is pricy. The Paradigms sounded excellent all around. The PSB Imane T was too laid back for my taste. So the only contender left was the ML Motion 40, reluctant to try a Bestbuy type speaket I gave it a listen as I am a ML ESL fan yet this spearker had the hybrid technolgy I was looking for so I said lets listen. The ML Motion 40 blew me away! Of course it was hooked up to 2 600 wpc Mcintosh amps but so wehere the others. Those ribbon tweeters unleashed articulate detail as well the seprate midrange not to even discucc the 6.5" bass drivers, truly no comarison to the others and especialy there price point. I highly encorage you to give them a listen there sound is phenomial!