Done and did it again

Hey folks.

I done did it again.

I threw a little shin-dig this weekend, and i was jamming that new Outkast CD, and managed to rip the foam surround. It is a tear along the driver cone, about 2-3 inches in length. That's what i get for running 200 WPC into some 50W radio shackers.

I am planning to upgrade to something better anyways, but that is not for a little while yet. I certanly dont want to send them in and pay the costs for repairs.

Does anybody have a reccommendation for repair? Im thinking of maybe lining the driver cone edge where the tear is with a little epoxy.

any reccommendatios?
Maybe you should line your ears with epoxy instead.
Wait until you see used pair on eBay, etc. Price is likely to be less than you could send in & repair speakers for.
In no particular order:

1. Grow a brain
2. Quit listening to that crap
3. Throw the speakers in the garbage.
Whoa- You boys are sure hard on Ol' Slappy! Considering the level of entertainment he's provided us, I think he needs our empathy (although I am NOT going to listen to Outkast!).

I suggest the magic elixir that brings us so much joy- Silicone. Apply a bead, spread thinly over tear, then listen ONLY to Jewel for one week. Jewel will have no effect on you or your speakers.
Wow! Im glad to see the level of maturity of your responses.
Grow a brain? Wow. If i do, can i come up with snappy responsed like that? Stop listening to that crap? Another nice one. I bet your parents would be proud of that brilliant response. I guess i must be stupid to own these speakers huh? I guess instead of getting ready to buy a house and supporting my fiancee while she finishes school instead of blowing my cash on a set of speakers that i plan to upgrade a little down the road makes me an idiot huh?
Line your ears with epoxy! While rather rude i did find that one amusing.

Beavis, thankyou for sending a good responce, at least 1 out of 3 posts arent from bitter old men.
I'm waiting for a real upgrade, thats why im looking for a quick fix. The system i currently run is a result of bad happenings, but it gets me by. Well, it did. I really dont want to buy another set of these. Im just looking for a 2-3 dollar fix.
Duct tape, one of man's most impressive inventions! May not be pretty but should get the job done and I'm pretty sure will meet the approval of any guy that happens to notice... Jeff
I got some of that, ill give it a try.

Jewel? Man thats rough.
How about i just stick to Nick Cave or BBKing for a week or so? :)

Thanks Danlib, ill give that a shot.

I like outkast. Its not yer typical run of the mill rap. There is alot of dare i say it "Experimental" on the album. Good stuff, not just for the homies.

Anyways, im sure ill hear 10 posts that Outkast sucks by people who have never taken a good listen to it. Im used to it. :)
THanks Jeff.

Duct Tape.

Its like the force ya know? From starwars?
It has a Light Side, a Dark Side, and it holds the universe together! :)

If ya cant Duct it, F##k it.
I worked in a store once and fried $5000 pre-amp and a $600 sub in the same week by just touching them. I have witnesses too. I was simply near them. I've owned maybe a dozen Denon recievers and dvd players,- all of them have gone nuts or died or simply half of it doesn't work. At least you have some fun in the killing of your speakers. At least you know why and have a good reason. A good party could do any of us in!
If you're thinking you might not get to your upgrade soon, a $50-$100 or so solution might be to find a pair of Cerwin Vegas in your local classified paper -- they'll take a TON of punishment, not sound shameful, and get you by for a while. Sell them for the same or a hair less when you're done with them. As for the tear... try electrical tape. Outkast? Can't help you there (too Nu!) Try some old-school metal like Kreator or Testament. Wait, you had friends over. Never mind.
i second the duck (duct) tape, followed by a stress test with some NIN "the fragile" (don't forget the kleenex :)
dude, are you in the south? (no offense) i never heard anyone say "done did it" until i moved down here to north cackalackey.........
Third the duct tape. If that doesn't work well then go with a glue (epoxy) and some other cone material from a junk car speaker or something.
Not from south good man, however, i DO come from a long line of rednecks.
Fortunatly i did not follow down that dark path. hahaha
SOLUTION! READ ME: the best stuff for a permanent cheap forever repair:
Get a tube of black urethane roofing cement. the good stuff.
It is really sticking coming out of the tube, and a mess if you start getting it on you. BUT, it dries into a thin, super flexible membrane. PERFECT for those stupid rotting woofers that you just want to work.
Just smear it carfully onto the surface of the surround, as thin as you can do it. Where it is ripped you can even put a thin bit of fabric tape to bridge the gap. let dry for at least two full days. And NEVER worry about those surrounds again.
I am serious. I used it on my Infinitys and it was just what I wanted.
...keep on rockin'!
duc-k-t tape or silicone or whatever is only the small problem. the larger one in rewinding a voice coil how'bout that?
i'd inspect visually the voice coil first before trying any of above said methods to cure the diffusor.

c'mon Slap,
there are plenty of opportunities to get a kit for less than $200 to build up a superb sounding monitor that literally smokes all entry level Kefs Tannoys and B@W's. It's very easy to start with kits but after that you can build up a speaker only on crossover circuit and cabinette drawings from row materials that even more can save you money.
Thanks Elizabeth, i think i have a tube of that laying around somewhere too.

Toomuchstuff Man thats wierd dude. Are you sure you are not "Magneto" off of X-men? Maybe you should try to focus your destructive powers and take down the evil BOSE empire.
Not only does it sound like you need new speakers, but, if Outkast was requested you might need new friends as well.

Just kiddin' with ya.
the voice coil is cool. These speakers are pretty old, i think it was just time for the foam surround to bit it. If i push the surround out of the way the problem clears. Im hearing the surround smack agianst the speaker cone.

DIY speaker kits are not too far off of the mark dude.
Ive been doing alot of reading and research on loudspeaker construction. I have a 2 way design that i have come up with using drivers from peerless. Still working on the crossover though.
Total cost will be about 150.00 per speaker. The only thing holding me back is there are a few power tools i need to start building the box. Xmas is right around the corner, so im hoping to score there.
If these work out and sound good then im gonna build 4 more then modify a 7th for a center channel and start building a dedicated theater in the basement. Hopefully this will give me insight and experience and enable me to build a better set for 2 channel listenin.

I WILL however, need to get a good set of speakers i can use to compare my own frankensteins to. Apparently GMA Europas sound better than they should in thier price range. Early next year im hoping to go audition some and possibly even buy a set, if they are all they're cracked up to be.

Tell ya what though, it was a pretty rockin party. Man was i hammered. It feels good to cut loose after working 12 days straight.
Slap on a Bandaid Slappy! :)~
try some chewing gum...bazooka is the best.
you need to chomp on it for 6 hours for the best sticking action.
Yeah but how much of that Outkast is primo and how much filler?
In the Parts Express catalog there are surround fixes for all types of speakers. You can also access them online.
Roofing cement is a good idea which I had not considered, but it really isn't very hard to replace a driver. This might be a fairly inexpensive repair too. I don't know if the cement will alter the drivers ability to travel.

Regardless of which of these routes of repair you decide to go with I would still recommend the epoxy in your ears!

What would your mother say if she heard you listening to Outkast?!?
Hey Slappy, don't let some smart ass responses get you down. Jazz isn't the only music in the world. Keep on rockin.


What she dont know wont kill her

I wouldnt say any of it is filler. There are some songs that would apeal to the masses, the rest of the stuff, i wouldnt call filler, but more free-form jazz. its kinda wierd. definatly not for everyone.

Im probably gonna try silicon tonight, couldnt find any of the roofing cement.
will keep you all posted.
I guess the mention of Outkast made me lose my head. About five years ago, I tried to rebuild a pair of Phase Tech speakers. I had both woofers rebuilt professionally, and the first thing I did was jam a screw driver through the one of the foam surrounds. I used some caulk to mend the hole. At least it played. Foam surrounds usually tear when they get old (you were probably due for it anyway). I'll admit, my story is more deserving of a comment like "grow a brain." Good luck.

P.S. For the money, ADS speakers are my favorite. I replaced the phase techs with ADS's. These speakers SMOKE the cheaper B&W's. I recently purchased a pair of DM-604 S3's and wanted my ADS's back. L-1290's go for well under $500.
Good luck on the repair Slappy. I like Outkast too...and Bulegrass, and Miles Davis, and The Stones, and ....

I know some people are just trying to be funny, but how many of these people listened to music that drove their parents crazy when they were young, just to do it?

Listen to whatever floats your boat. Music is all about floating boats.

Slap, the Roots is good for some of the same things Outkast is too!