Donald Fagen at Beacon Theatre New York City

Any Audiogoners thinking about this show on Tuesday, March 7th?

If so, I might propose a drink at Cafe Luxembourg!

If you'd be willing to change that to the Paramount Theatre in Denver on March 21st, I'll meet you at Marlowe's for that drink? Can't wait to see Don! I saw Steely Dan a couple of years ago at Fiddler's Green in Denver and it was a FANTASTIC show!!!

That is tempting, too.

I first heard Steely Dan's Aja in about 1978, the same time I was discovering audio, listening to the record on a Garrard turntable, through a chunky pair of Pioneer sealed headphones connected to my Dad's Fisher 500 receiver.

I saw Donald Fagen live for the first time at Madison Square Garden in about 1992 and again at Roseland in 2003. Both of those shows were great - really amazing musicians, great sound, highly recommended.

Again, I am thinking about the Beacon for Tuesday and would love to hear from any Agoners if interested.
The Beacon rules! Cant make the Donald Fagen show but I might make the Allman Brothers this year. It's getting to be a tradition.

I see he is playing Vegas ... but I don’t see any Pacific Northwest shows.

Bummer -

Maybe he will add Seattle or the Gorge Amphitheatre … nothing like seeing him outdoors. If you havent been to a show at the Gorge or Red Rocks ... you still have something to live for.

Saw Steely Dan there some years back ... nothing short of incredible. What a night under the stars.
Just saw the show at the State Theatre in New Jersey. He played a mixture of new and some old. The show was very good except he came out and played one final song that was not so popular and then said good-night and left the stage. I thought that was kind of strange just to play the one song. Good show and the one guitar player form New Jersey is excellent.

Happy Listening.
Caught Steely Dan in the opening season of Sleeptrain Ampitheater near Sactown.
Fun show made great by perfect warm evening weather.
Made even better when in line to rent folding chairs, a lovely ampitheater promoter upgraded my lawn tickets to seating between mixing and center stage on the house.
The original tix that got us into the show...given to me earlier that day by a friend who couldn't go.
Zero planning and one of the best shows,just priceless.