Don't you love it when this happens?

I was just picking through a stack of records I hadn't listened to for a while and randomly pulled out Branford Marsalis' 1989 double album, "Trio Jeepy" featuring Jeff Tain Waits on Drums and Milt Hinton on Bass. A terrific record, well recorded, beautifully played, absolutely listenable, and just a pleasure to re-discover lying around in my own family room.
Had the same kinda thing happen to me a week back.--Only this is about a cd. I had bought Neal Young's Unplugged maybe 15 years ago. I was looking for another cd when I came across this gem and played the ba-jesus out of it.
And once in while the opposite happens. A cd you used to love does nothing/ or at least not what it used to do for 'ya.
Trio Jeepy is a great, great record. Killer sound and it is a digital recording. It's the record I always recommend when people says it makes no sense to have an LP sourced from a digital master. The CD does not compare to the vinyl even they though are from the same source.

My rediscovery came in the form of XTC's "Wasp Star". What an excellent album. Just listen to "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love"...
Years ago when Trio Jeepy was new, I was at Savant Audio near Princeton New Jersey for a audition of the ProAc Response 2. He played the CD on a Mod Squad CD player and an Eagle amp. That was the very first, and one of the only times I really heard sonic holography. The drum set sounded full size and three dimensional about six feet behind the speakers, and I could "hear" the floor in the studio. it was pretty amazing. I bought the CD, but I never really grew to love it. It is a great demo CD for sound.
Love "Jeepy". One of the best recorded acoustic bass LP's in my view. Very spontaneous feel for a studio album. I love the way Marsalis steps/swings away from the microphone occasionally--seems like the three of them are just having a blast. Some really good drum riffs too. Thanks for mentioning it I'm going downstairs to play it through.
Mofi - Love that one!
"It's the record I always recommend when people says it makes no sense to have an LP sourced from a digital master."

Lyle Lovettes' Pontiac is the same way. I bought this used on a whim and now it's one of my favorite LP's.
Man how ironic, I was going through my records just tonight and came across Trio Jeepy and gave it a spin and was blown away by how good it sounds, I had forgot how great this record is. I couldn't remember the last time I listened to it, so I thought I would start a new thread about finding a lost treasures in your collection but then I found this thread, so I thought I would just add it.

Now I'm going to have to dig out Lyle Lovette's Pontiac and give it a listen.
The title track on the Lyle LP is fantastic. Very immediate sound with a vivid set of lyrics sung brilliantly. The whole album is just great. Enjoy!
Pontiac is one of my favs. Not a bad cut on it IMO. Post your impressions Hat!