Don't read you'll be sorry

Just got my new Audioquest K 2 speaker cables from DH GATE yep I said it. I bought my previous Audioquest cables from my former employer [Audio Buys] Summer job pre wiring houses. Still great friends. Anyway paid their cost for a brand spanking new pair of "Bed Rock" cables I was so proud. So what I know are quote un quote real Audioquest cables just got blown away by a $380.00 total cost [shipped door to door in 6 days] pair of Audioquest k2's from DH Gate.
What i said was AFTER i got the "k2's" I tried to order a pair of sky interconnects then the true nightmare began seller tried the order is being held in customs line and bogus tracking info. DHL and Pay pal advised me that i was being ripped off. So I opened a claim w/ pay pal they since [not because of me] have stopped duing transactions w/ dh gate. For this exact reason, thier crooks. My speaker cables were the bi wire version and yes the cables were wired backwards. The interconnects never existed guy just flat out tried to rip me off. Crooks user name is audiok on dh gate and seller of k2's is audiophile.
O and for the person who actually ordered a pair also be prepaired to recieve all sorts of interesting e-mails. Don't know if it cause I got $ back out of em or it's just thier standard jive. Like I said they are real nasty. I blocked em.
So we have a pair of supposed k2 cables that were wired backwards from TyCobb and PBM has a set that have the right size conductors, but with Rockefeller 3 sheathing and silver coating on copper wire that sound pretty good in his system, but not as good as his reference. Quality of construction seems good, with good hardware and terminations and connectors.

I guess the question is, if we forget the name and the hype, are these cables worth the money compared to what else is on the market. Based on PBM's early review, they seem to be. But he purchased his from a different supplier than TyCobb, if that makes a difference.
Technically you can get them for free from dhgate by cancelling payment once the item is shipped or received. That may cause substantial depletion of credit card accepting sellers there. After you do that you shouldn't really care what's comming after you...