Don't like vinyl

Please cancel my account

I don't think you guys are taking this seriously.

Almost all of us have vinyl and digits.

I have a high-end stereo system ONLY so it can make my records sound their best.
I almost gave up on vinyl until I sold my entry level manual deck for a vintage automatic Technics TT. Now I only stream music 93% of time instead of 99% of the time. 
I enjoy my vinyl but hardest substance known to man placed on top of some of some of the softest, not exactly technology to impress 500 years from now. What happened to the wax cylinder enthusiasts?
It's hard for me to imagine my system without a turntable. There are so many things that go into it. Getting the albums, cleaning them, the TT, the tone arm, the cartridge, setting all of those things up properly, upgrading, treating the room. In the end, the sound is rewarding well worth the effort. CD's are awesome for background music or in the car. Albums are for critical listening.