Don't lie....Do you hoard vinyl?

I have 700 LP's with 200 more to come soon. In the past 10 years I've played no more than a dozen LP's a year because of time constraints.

Are you hoarding LP's that you just don't have time to play? Why don't you sell them? I'm saving mine to play when I retire. I'm 50 years old.

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This very evening, I was just piling up eight more boxes, with about 120 LPs per box, into my closet. Now I have 15 boxes in there, all Classical music.
Another eight boxes, all Rock are in another closet, and I need to put another 4 in there too. Then I have the Jazz...
I have about 7,000 LPs I have collected in the last 10 months. I confess a few are dups... For example, 3 copies of Bernsteins' West Side Story, all stereo six eye VG++ all under $0.22 (I think I have less than 2% dups) TONS of stuff for under a quarter each... all VG++ and good stuff too!!! Then bunches at the usual buck, and most of the Jazz from eBay...
My TV broke and I just while away my time cleaning and listening to music. I am also looking forward to retiring in 5 years or so... And plan on the LPs to keep me occupied... If the floors will hold up! (heavy heavy)
When I croak, somebody will have a great haul!!!
Ellen is already in a divesting mode, since her momn died last fall, having already pretty much cleaned house. So it's getting harder and harder for this packrat to hide stuff. Last year I got proficient at collecting and restoring antique fountain pens. Now have 300. Anyone need gifts for graduation? Ha! Next I'll probably collect a few (dozen) pairs of SWANK cufflinks, which my Dad designed as their chief modelmaker from '48-88. Since he never wore jewelry I rarely see his craft.
Anyone wanna trade SWANK for my remaining vinyl?
I have a few thousand including 2-300 that I've never played. With my current lifestyle and my age, I will probably never get to hear most of them or rehear most of the others.

The problem is that there's no relatively easy way to get rid of them! (Yeah, I could dump them.)
the problem with vinyl is that, unless you sell on ebay, you get so little money from used record dealers that you'd have to be literally starving or broke for it to make sense to sell to them. They're basically taking advantage of people who are up against the wall: moving, no space, or simply ignorant of what their vinyl's worth. I've known 3 people in that business and their 'victory' stories (e.g."old guy comes in with a box full of original blue note etc....") make you sick. Some of these people might actually need the $ and would be well served by someone helping them sell their stuff properly! So, in the meantime I have 2 vinyl collections: the stuff I listen to (main floor, near stereo) and the stuff I may listen to before I die (but probably won't) - downstairs.
Another reason to hoard: If you're not broke, it pays to hold on to it since the collectible stuff - with the exception of the previously crazy-valued 'shaded dogs' - just keeps getting more valuable...
Elizabeth I'll drive down and pick them up, but I'm afraid you'll outlive me. FWIW there is an LP sale in Appleton this weekend. All LPs $1.00, I'm not usre if that's worth the ride for you. I'd like to hit one of those sales at State Fair Park, but I never know when they hold them.

I have about 1400 LPs and still buying. There are some that need to be tossed for quality reasons and other I should probably move because I don't listen to them. It's hard to get rid of things because who knows what I will want to listen to in the next hour, much less in the next five years!

Some things that used to get lots of play time don't get much anymore, other I didn't listen to at all, now I play regularly. You just never know how tastes will change.

So yes, oh wait, no... um what was the question again???
My musical interests vary as time passes. I have a basic interest in Classical and opera, but Jazz has become a big part of my listening experience. But suddenly, I listened to a Johnny Mathis LP and was totally suprised by how he moved me. So suddenly I am on a 1950's 60's "crooner" kick.. I like having a wide variety of music around, and enjoy listening to new (to me) stuff, as I never know what might be really interesting!
(though I listened to a Jerry Vale and thought "this guy is just too full of himself to listen to. He strikes me as if he is singing into a mirror". Ditto Tom Jones. So no all crooners are of equal stature.)
So Johnny Mathis, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, Tony Bennett...
You can donate to thrift stores and get tax deductions. We should reserve the vinyls and pass them on. If no body wants them then it's their loss.
I do not. I have only 46 ft. of LPs which includes mine, my deceased friend, my father and my wife's father. I do not. They are 1928 to the present re-issues and new ones like Tom Waits. I do not. Most of my duplicates were taken by my daughter. My friends get them for Christmas, and yes they do have tables. So I have only a dozen. I do not. I buy only from A Classical Record (Web site with a store-- if you want to call it that-- in Manhattan), Accoustic Sounds, Music Direct, thrift stores, and a handful of Salt Lake City shops. No more than fifty a year, except when the University of Utah radio station decided that playing Car Talk seven times a week was more important than being a teaching univeristy, so they killed the music department. And I bought 5 boxes and cancelled my donation. But none of that is hoarding. But I like the idea...
This is interesting stuff. I just got back into vinyl and the other day my girlfriend let me have a box of LPs that used to belong to her ex-boyfriend. Nice, huh? There were about 100 of them and about 25 were to my liking and were in good condition. I did not care for the rest so I tried to give them away and even take them to a few pawn shops and no one wanted them. I feel terrible just throwing them out.

It is too bad that there isn't a website of FREE stuff where you could give stuff away or trade for other things that are useful, but maybe have no intrinsic, resaleable value.