Don't laugh..but could there be a best CD case?

I just received a few CD cases from Slappa ( I ordered them online and I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice these cases are.

Sounds crazy but based on the quality and some of the nifty features these cases have I will use them for my home collection.

From what I have seen and used, these are the best cases I've come across......any others to consider?

I'm not trying to advertise for these guys...I am just really surprised at how much better these are vs. my Case Logic stuff
Hi, I recently ordered 50 lift-lock jewel cases from Music Direct. They are the best i've found ever and at a buck each feel they are well worth it. I always hated the standard cases as did most who have used them, these are a breeze to use. jerry.
There is a special place in Hell reserved for the guy who designed the standard CD case.
by standard CD case do you mean the jewel case? They sure are wasteful.
I may be mistaken, but I think he is talking about portable CD carrying cases.
ahh--sorry my mistake. As I mentioned in my original post, the Slappa cases are the best I have seen out there.
Mutahman: On your recommendation, I ordered one the the CD cases. You are right, it is very nice without some of the problems of the Case Logic and other brands.

Thank you!
I have found a few neat things that you can do with these cases...have you come across any yourself? For example I have a few "double disc" cd's and what I have done is used the back pocket for one disc and put the 2nd disc behind the cover in the 2nd pocket. I like the fact that the rear part of the 2nd pocket is felt so the 2nd disc won't scratch. On the site there is a mention about using the clear disc pocket for storing the song lists with the cover...that one seems like a great idea but a LOT of work.

I just learned last night that the 6 slappa cases I bought fit nicely into the cd rack I have--I'm considering getting more and moving my whole collection to these--they are just as simple as jewel cases and save tons of space.

I'm interested in your findings
Thanks to Mutahman's comments, mainly in another thread that Audiogon apparently nuked, I've ordered a bunch of these. Based on his positive comments, they sound great, and I needed new storage.

As for their service, I got a call last night from one of their people, Greg Flynn, from JAPAN to make sure all was well. There was a minor website glitch that delayed my order, so they made it up by shipping express for the regular price.

In June, they are running a promo that gets you up to 25% off depending on how many cases you order at a time automatically, and THANKS to Mutahman if you enter the code THANKS as a promo code on the last checkout page you'll get 5% off your order for a total of up to 30% off for being a referral.

No, I don't work for Slappa. No, I don't know why Audiogon nuked the old thread. No, I'm not a paid shill.

These guys are going out of their way to earn some business and I appreciate that, bottom line. I also figured that some of you other guys might need some new, improved disc storage at a big fat discount.
I agree with you in spades.......I'm always willing to back good products and good service. My experience with these guys (across the board)has been very positive.

And since we are passing out thanks, I appreciate MARSH pointing out some great new music in the music forum under the Stanton Moore thread I started. Today I picked up Liquid Soul, jashua Redman and Jimmy Smith based on his suggestions…3 things I otherwise would not have checked out…………..THANKS!!!!
Got my stuff last night, 2 days ahead of promised.

KICK ASS cd/dvd storage.

Must resist the urge to take the day off and re-organize CDs....
I just ordered two based on the raves here. These HAVE to be better than my case logic (ruined a few CDs because of that junk!) just becuase of the hard case.

Thanks for spreading the word.

based on this thread I ordered a few of these Slappa cases and they certainly are the nicest cases I have come across. The product is very good looking and the double dip pages are superb.

Speaking of superb, their customer service was exceptional.
One of their support reps called me to make sure I got my order OK. I was floored to see that a CD case company put so much thought into taking care of their customers. I have ordered LOTS of different products via the web and this was a first!

I'm converting all of my discs to Slappa cases. Thanks to those who started this post otherwise I would have never known about this product.
Do they come with detachable sleeves?

Need t know what might be the best CD Cases that allow ou to remove the sleeves?
Hey Rchiang-- wait until they ask you for your "brutally honest" feedback and any improvement suggestions, then follow up to thank you for your input.

Too bad more companies don't have this sort of customer service model.
asking me to fill out a quick questionnaire and be "brutally honest".

I had to give them glowing marks across the board. I'm veryhappy with these cases and their service.

Abex, I too was initially concerned about the lack of removable pages since I do purchase new discs often and have been known to go on disc "binges". Before my purchase I sent an e-mail to the Slappa customer service and asked them how could I over come this. They explained their theory behind the design was that people would use a dedicated case for a given artist, or music type

I took their advice and I am is using one case per letter (I use a 128 for my "A" discs, a 128 for my "B" discs, a 64 for my "C"discs and so on. I simply counted up my discs and added 10 (thinking that I would add another 10 discs to that given letter as the collection grows.

I do like the idea of the removable pages but have also had bad experiences with other cases that had the removable pages---either the rings being "loose" or the pages being cheap and tearing at the eyes.

The quality of these Slappa cases far surpasses what I have used in the past so it was easy for me to overcome the lack of removable pages for the quality they offer