Don’t fight your speakers.

I owned a pair of NHT 3.3 for a year.

Did a lot of things right, but I could never just enjoy the music and relax. Upgraded cables, DAC, Power Cables, lamps and amplifier.

I heard the benefits of each upgrade, everything was getting better each time. But I could never relax and just enjoy the music.

I finally accepted my fate, sold the damn thing and got a pair of Dali Euphonia MS4.

Now, I am grateful for the NHT 3.3 as they forced me to upgrade all of my components and the Dali really shine on those, I can finally enjoy music and stop listening to the gear, but sometimes I wonder… what would’ve happened if I didn’t trade the speakers?

Would have I lost my wife, house and job along this crazy pursuit?!

Lesson learned: don’t fight the speakers, if it’s not enjoyable, change ASAP!

I’m sharing my experience hoping to save the time, money and sanity of others like-minded mule as I was.

Please share your experiences fighting with speakers and the sweet bliss one’s get when accepting his loss. Losing is winning in this case I’d say!


Have a fun time all the time!


Yes, speakers are critical. You are right, if they don’t suit your taste… trying to change their character by upstream components is very hard and unlikely to work.


I auditioned NHT when they were a thing for home theater… did not do a thing for me. I went with a whole suite of B&W 805 Matrix… top of the line stand mount with 2 - 800 series subs. They are very musical… they have given us great service over the last 25 years.

It was a lesson learned the hard way, spent a year analyzing music instead of enjoying it. Foolishness of a youngster I guess.


My first taste of HiFi was on a pair of B&W DM4 paired with then some top of the line Simaudio front end( now Moon), I remember my father in law playing some Bruce Springsteen and I just listened in awe as if it was the first time I heard music in a domestic setting. Will never forget this sound!

Ain’t surprised you found bliss on the 805!

Agreed.  If the speakers have a fundamental flaw, it is cost ineffective (and a bit nuts) to work all your other components around that flaw.  Start with the speakers, then pick a complimentary amp, then pick the best source you can afford.

For me, it's don't fight the room.  You get off the upgrade merry-go-round a lot faster when that is right and speakers sound closer to the dealer demo when you get them home.