Don't Feel Guilty Spending $$$

I don't, but I know some people feel guilty about spending a lot of money on hifi. Check this out and you'll never feel bad again. (If you can't wait - Hermes purse sold for $200K+)
Honestly I have met one or two that should be ashamed but many more who had priorities in order.
Guilt is not a problem, $$$ is.
Nor would a woman feel so about the new pair of shoes she just acquired. A pair a day keeps the wolf away. Of course, the $50K to construct the shoe closet must also be included. The guys with the best audio toys have wife's with huge shoe collections, they go together.
I think that is awesome. I need to go into business making handbags. That proves that if you make it, someone will buy it. I hope it is made in the USA. Just like msn to start the article with a little class warfare with the statement that: "Clearly not everyone in America is still feeling the strain of the recession". What the little person who wrote the msn article does not understand is that the opportunity to sell a $203,000 handbag exists and that the sale of a $203,000 handbag does more good for the people who sold the handbag, and the manufacturer of the handbag then the person who bought the handbag.
Guilty or not, if you don't manage your money, it'll manage you!
I feel so much better now. In fact, I recently bought a vintage 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo that I am fixing up. I felt guilty for a few days. Every time I drive it and work on it I feel good. Every time I listen seriously to my stereo system and upgrade it, I feel good. Guilty? Yes, when I think of starving dying people. My solution? Help those I can and enjoy the blessings I have. Maybe in the afterlife I will be judged not by the things I have bought, but by the good things I have done for others.
Buyers remorse is common , but passes quickly . I'd likely feel guilty too sometimes but with a wife that has no regard for money whatsoever , ( has two high end cars , and spends more on threads in a year than most people make ) .
You can't take it with you and the kids will only fight over it .
I was talking about guys who spend on stereo before family, they are few but they are out there.
I work hard for the money I earn and feel no remorse about spending it.
Paycheck = home and family.
Side job money = hobby.
12-12-11: Hevac1
I work hard for the money I earn and feel no remorse about spending it.
Paycheck = home and family.
Side job money = hobby.

I agree completely.
The only problem is my wallet. :\
Love to spend big bucks on my system feels GREAT!!
It's all a matter of means and priorities. No right or wrong.

Having said that, I tend to feel guilt whenever I buy myself something that I maybe do not really need. Maybe that money would be better spent elsewhere either now or later?

My parents (who lived through the great depression) were not not status or luxury seekers yet lived a very comfortable yet not very showy middle class existence. That in my background is a big influence on how I think about these things. Plus perhaps the fact that I grew up in an area with a large Amish influence though my family itself was not Amish has an impact in how I think and my values.

It's all good I guess as long as you are able to keep a positive healthy and open perspective and some reasonable balance regarding priorities in your life and not become excessive/compulsive out of fear or some other negative emotions like envy, etc..
Plus if I don't spend it my wife will. It will be on something I feel we do not need but she does.
"Plus if I don't spend it my wife will. "

A common scenario. I can relate. I tend to let my wife do most of the spending (within reason) because she likes to shop and gets more pleasure out of it in general than I do so that makes us both happy. My music and audio is my only expensive hobby/habit that I spend money on. I manage..... My wife buys most of my clothes and other more luxurious amenities for me as well and has excellent taste and fashion sense ( I would likely tend to dress more like the Amish guys I grew up with left to my own I imagine) so I end up better as well for that.
If I dont spend it my wife will sounds like 2 children sharing a candy bar both trying to make sure the other doesnt get more:)
The only reason why I feel terrible sometimes about spending money on hi fi is when I never get the time to even enjoy it anymore.

Working 70-80 hours a week leaves very little time to enjoy anything really. Sometimes I feel bad because I bought some nice gear but I can't even tell you the last time I turned on my projector, its been over a month I know.

Oh well, maybe once I finally get up there in age I can enjoy some of it. At that point anything I buy new will be a collector's item. :)
"Working 70-80 hours a week leaves very little time to enjoy anything really."

How bout you stop working that much? Your life is your own and you only get one...
How bout you stop working that much? Your life is your own and you only get one...

so if you're willing to hire me for a job that would pay well and work a solid 40 a week and have a chance at a good career path than I'm all ears. If not then I will just have to continue doing what I do in order to try and advance myself.
Don't get to worked up 63, I think most of us understand your situation. But keep in mind many of us have had prosperous times and have become complacent, please don't hold that against us.
Tmsorosk, I hold nothing against anyone.

I'm younger (25) and to make anything of yourself in my area you normally have to start out by working a lot of hours. I don't mind doing so as its the career I chose but sometimes I wish I could enjoy what I have purchased more than running around all the time working.

I have not yet found a job within my field that you can make good money and not work a lot (unless your management). I'm in banking and enjoy it but it does require a lot of time and effort to be put in.
Yeah, but at the same time, don't spend foolishly. Nothing worse than hearing a system that kicks the butt of your system and costs 1/4 the price.

My entire current system costs as much as my previous preamp alone and is the best sounding system I've personally ever heard.

Live and learn.
There are plenty of careers out there where your can work ~40 hours and make well into the 6 figures. I'm 30...

I just know that I would never, ever work 70-80 hours a week, even for 7 figs. My time is too valuable to me
People are at different points in their lives. Chronologically, family (or lack thereof)-wise, and career-wise. Everyone's gotta do what they've got to do. If I was single with no children and I could make 6 figures working 70-80 hours a week, I'd have done it and banked/invested as much as I could. There's something to be said about buying a house, getting ahead of the game retirement-wise, and having a good cushion for a rainy day before you settle down. Very few people have that opportunity.

I'd feel guilty if buying gear took money out of my family's pockets or took away from their needs. I have no guilt at all. Then again, some people here have a pair of interconnects that cost more than what I paid for my entire system. Not that I have a problem with people spending what they spend; it's not my money, and doesn't have any effect on my life.