''Don't Explain''

I highly recommend (3 thumbs up) the Joe Bonamassa/Beth Hart release "Don't Explain" - a good, gutsy blues LP. A little tribute ot Etta James.
My first thought is of Nina Simone's rendition.
A Billie Holiday song. I love this song & it's chording, etc. Prior consumption of spirits suggested for full appreciation. Enjoy
Agree! Highly recommended. Both performers do an excellent job. Neither one spoils the songs by trying to show off or call attention to themselves. Very enjoyable music.
I wish this one came with a DVD.
She appears to have nailed 'i'd rather go blind'. Thanks for the tip. Put it in my 'cart' today.
Beth writes in the liner notes (LP) that Etta James was a huge influence on her in the early stages of her career. I think Etta would be appreciative, unlike she was with Beyonce' (or Bouncie as George Dubya would call her).
I bought it and I hate it! Cant stand Beth Hart's voice.
I think this is Beth's best work yet.

Ozzy -- if you don't like Beth Hart's voice try Lizz Wright who contrastingly sings in an ultra smooth, rich, melancholic style. You can look at Beth as “Solid State” and Lizz as “Lush Tubes.” Youtube links below:

Lizz Wright – Speak Your Heart
Lizz Wright – Old Man
Lizz Wright – My heart
Thanks, I'll give them a listen.