Don't do me any favors

Audiogon does not have to remove entire threads simply to protect me from reading others opinions. I'm a grown-up now and can decide for myself.


Nonoise, a shirt seen decades ago was one that cut to it:

                                        Faster Faster
                                  Until the thrill of speed
                              Overcomes the fear of death

When I hear the howl of a superbike on one of the nearby roads. I can appreciate the rush involved but know that one randumb factor can flip the equation in under a heartbeat....

And there's...                      Life Begins @ 100

Ends there as well, potentially....

I've been told of incidents that ended well, and others not so much.

At least I've heard of no deaths from audio being played too fast....
Blisters on ones' fingers or being out of breath, however... ;)

Leave all threads up! I don’t see the daily recap until the next morning and would like to see those deleted threads. We are all grown ups (at least in age) here!