Don't buy Arcam cd23

It claimed to has 24/96 DAC inside , but the fact is that it has no upsampler chip, ( Cary 306 really has), cd23 cannot decode message in authentic "24/96 mode". Its a fraud.
Isn't this true about most products with 24/96 DAC chips?? They will play something recorded in 24/96 in 24/96, but older technology such as old 16bit CDs will continue to play as they did before. The unsampler is an add-on make old CDs into 24/96. For example, the MSB Link DAC is 24/96, is advertised as such, but the unsampler is extra $$ and only for the Link III unless you want to send your older unit back to MSB for the upgrade. I am not an expert, just what I understand. I do not see fraud here.
Nothing new here. MOST "common" 24 bit CD players may ACCEPT 24 bit input but will not actually pass that much information. Due to the noise floor being higher than what it needs to do so, the last few bits of resolution are lost. In order to achieve 24 bit resolution, your signal to noise ratio has to surpass 140+ db's. How many players, let alone amps & preamps can do that ? Sean >