Don't be afraid of cartridge setup.

True, I have been doing this for 45 years but setting up a cartridge to get 95% of what it can do is amazingly simple if you have a good alignment jig and decent eyes or good eyeglasses. Don't let the dealers fool you into thinking only they can do this, not true. Dealers will give you the 95%, if you want the last 5% you have to take the time and do it yourself. It is not hard, don't be afraid of a tonearm!!!

As far as the JMW tonearms are concerned, believe nothing you read or hear on the internet. Most of the time they have never heard the arm with the same cartridge you have, the same setup you have, the same listening habits you have, or even two different arms to compare on the same table with the same cartridge. The JMW-9 with a $4500.00 Dynavector will stun you when set up properly and a 12.7 with an $800.00 Dynavector will stun you in a different way when set up properly.

well said Harry! as some of my past posts have said follow the directions provided by harry. (I have a 10.5 i with a shelter 7000 -Love it)
You know, I am such a mechanically un-inclined klutz that it is worth the $250 just to have some else (who I highly respect) do it for me. I bet he even gets it to 97%.

That being: Dave Wilson of Accent on Music in Westchester NY.
I just put a similar post on a different thread. It angers me to hear statements like, "don't play classic rock on a VPI" or "JMW arms are not good enough for an expensive cartridge". I've done both and really love it. It's far from the only way to get good sound but it's a good way none the less. Self set up is not only how to get the best out of your equipment, it also becomes a good part of the fun behind this hobby. I, for one, thank you for creating these products and supporting them with the kind of service you do.

I agree with you 100%, and with Sonofjim. I have a Dynavector XX2MKII mounted in a Signature Scout, and after set up with a MintLP arc protractor, what I am hearing absolutely superb. For me, spending an outrageous amount on a turntable is not necessary, this little Scout just does it for me. Feels good, too, to know you did it yourself. Thanks for the fine affordable product!