Don Sach's pre amp

I know these are custom made tube pre amps I am debating on getting one any audiogon members who have this pre amp can they give me a feed back on these /
You might want to read the threads in the Tube-o-Phile circle on the audiocircle site.
Its actually a line stage.  Don also offers a phono stage but that is separate, not as an integrated preamplifier.

I've owned one of his custom SP-14s for several months and continue to be delighted.  It is absolutely quiet, offers great dynamics and huge soundstage, and most importantly to me accurate tonalities.  In addition, Don will customize any order in terms of parts quality, features, and output load to suit the customer.  All this at a very reasonable cost.

Yes, it competes with much more expensive competition.
yes I have looked at Tube-o-Phile on A/C , what I am trying to find out is how does it compare to primaluna and  Rogue audio pre- amps , since they are priced at a similar price level. I have listened to a Prima Luna amp at the Oakland Audio show 2017, which sounded very good .